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Headcanons Meme

That's not a head canon but it's close enough

» You have all sorts of silly little thoughts in your head, don't you? Your character's favorite time of day, how many times they'll wear a pair of socks before washing them, all the stuff that you think about but maybe you can't bring it up in game! Does anyone in Nyoi-cho wash their socks?
» Post them here! Ramble about your character in ways that you'd never imagine doing any other time! You have full permission to go as ham as you want, it's your soapbox!
» Enjoy the headcanons people post about their own characters! Can you believe that Bonnie kicks puppies on her spare time? THE NERVE OF HER.
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b.b. hood

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i'll think of some but first let me just yell about this OUTRIGHT LIBEL
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bonnie really steals

no dignity
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But for real, folks. Baby Bonnie Hood has the right kind of no-canon bullshit that annoys me, while having a shitton of personality because that's what Capcom did in the 90s, creating a bunch of great characters in games with little actual story to them. And in a fighting game that's got a lot more going for it than say, Street Fighter, B.B. Hood's story manages to be absolutely barren.

Luckily, there's not only a small side-story in Udon comics that tries to give her SOME kind of substance, but I otherwise just pull things out from the little bit of info that the artbooks and other things try to give her. So! Here's a few things I have on her.

-Scooping out from the Udon comic, B.B.'s parents died when she was young. They were traveling in a carriage and were attacked by a werewolf. It was mostly luck that Bonnie herself wasn't killed-- her dad had his throat ripped out and her mom ran for it. So, she was able to escape and carry a grudge. I won't say that was the impetus that made her get into Darkhunting, but it sure as heck helped.

-After that, she started living with her Grandmother, who took care of her! See the thing is though, there isn't really anything to say that Margaret here is really related to her after all. But, she did teach her everything that she knows about Darkhunting, and she's in general, the reason why Bonnie is such a damn good Darkhunter.

-She picked up on everything fairly quickly, and as her routine shows, she's only still growing even at the level that she's already at. There are hundreds upon hundreds of Darkhunters of different ranks, and Special S-Class isn't easy to attain! Part of that is the fact that a Darkhunter has to have an uncorruptable soul and strong mind so that Darkstalkers' aura can't effect them or hurt them-- and yeah, her heart and soul are already pitch black, so there's nothing really to corrupt there.

-Little Red Riding Hood is definitely a story in this universe, so yes, she gets it. The way I suss this out is that it was a story she was told a lot as a toddler and she really liked it, and her parents made her a red hood and cloak, and bought her a basket. The one she wears now (because you know, she DID kinda grow) was made by her Grandmother.

-In addition to all the Darkhunting, part of her routine is that she regularly goes shopping for clothes and food, running errands for her Grandmother. I feel like though she might politely wave and smile and be cheerful towards anyone out on the town, she doesn't really make friends. That's fine on her end, she'd much rather just have clients or allies, anyone she can use for some further purpose. Given that she's driven by money and is willing to act as a contract killer, she doesn't have much time to have friends anyway, even as far as other Darkhunters go.

-So yeah, she hates wolves. This one is the most obvious thing. Aside from the fact that she's seriously Red Riding Hood, her parents WERE killed by a wolf. Truthfully, it branched out and causes her to hate all Darkstalkers as a whole, but she especially hates wolves. She will stop at absolutely nothing to kill any wolf she meets with-- so yeah. Lilith fucked up THAT hard that she's on the same level as wolves. GOOD JOB.

any other questions????
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Asriel Dreemurr

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-Asriel watches a lot of anime in his free time. His current favorite show is Orange Ninja Hero, and if you ask him about it he will talk about how deep it is and totally not a kid's show, etc. etc.

-Asriel knows a variety of monster noises, which he doesn't normally use around other humans. He bleats when he laughs/is scared, and he can make a noise that sounds like purring when he's happy or trying to comfort himself.

-He also knows a little bit of sign language.

-His birthday is October 19th

-Like the rest of his family, Asriel has a deep love for puns. The cheesier the pun, the better. Bad jokes are also A+

-Asriel got fired from his restaurant job in August after him being too unlucky caused him to screw up way too much. He does errands and whatever odd jobs he can find for a little extra spending money. He's trying to save up for a bike (which he doesn't know how to ride).

-His favorite place in Nyoi-Cho is the beach.
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-Taiga is pretty bomb at video games like Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Puzzle Bobble; all the frustrating puzzle games that make you wanna rip your hair out. A platformer like Mario, though? Nope. nope nope nope. can't do it. She tries to jump over the Goombas and lands into their hitboxes instead.

-She's also a fan of anime and manga! Soldier Luna is a favorite, and she also watches Cutie Pure and Wevangelion.

-Not so much a headcanon as it is very minute canon, but Taiga played badminton in middle school. While not a super good player, she could hold her own and had a lot of potential... though, she also hit numerous players in the face with the birdie. Stitches were involved in one incident and after that she was pressured to leave the team.

-Taiga is good with the kiddos, surprisingly. Not so much animals... She's definitely helped out at school functions with the younger kids.

-Taiga plays house from time to time. And, uh, by that I mean she pretends that she's back at Ryuuji's house and Yacchan is sleeping in the room over, Inko-chan is asleep under her cage cover, and Ryuuji cooks her dinners or mends her clothes. His meals never taste as good, and he never speaks or emotes no matter what Taiga does, and neither Yacchan or Inko-chan ever wake up. Sometimes Minorin is over, and she watches Taiga play games. All she ever does is watch.

-Despite being a very messy person, the main part of her house is always clean. Just how Ryuuji's house always was.

-She's been trying to get better at cooking! It's slow going, but she can at the very least make rice without burning it.
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-Ryoko learned a lot of her cooking skills and subsequent knife ability from her mom. It was always under the pretense of her mom wanting to do her best for Ryoko, giving Ryoko the kind of maternal sense that she has.

-During her time in Nyoi-cho, she's spent a lot of time trying to befriend some of the NPCs that frequent school, to not much success. A lot of it is because she's pretty sure she can't recall any of their names at all, even if she thinks about it hard enough. Still, she spends most of her time at school, creating a schedule that makes it easier for her to go Nightmare hunting.

-Though she absolutely loves to make oden and goes crazy for oden, she spends a lot of time messing with new recipes, thinking about what the other person would like. Problem being, if she winds up thinking someone really likes something, she'll go a little too hard.

-Something kind of highlighted a little-- Ryoko likes books a little, but with her wanting to help Yuki with Kyon, it turns out that she reads shoujo manga, and probably winds up getting super into the story. She has done a LOT of research in romantic comedies, you know!

-Yes, she knows how scary she is. Yes, she knows she can use that to her advantage. But she can temper her fearsome aura depending on how much she likes you. Two scales: Yuki-passive suggestion to Kyon-Full Out "Do as I Say Or Else"

-She had a small part time job for a while, using that to pay for groceries. She's forgotten to keep going for a while, but she's gonna try to get back to work! Of course, she works at a restaurant, cookin'. What else?

-Often times at Ryoko's house that there isn't a second person there-- just sitting quietly and playing video games. It happens a lot more infrequently now, but it used to be every day a while ago.
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Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll give you a head canon answer if one doesn't already exist in canon.
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Sandy Marko

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~ Sandy's father Flint Marko (AKA: The Sandman) retired from his life of crime as soon as he found out his girlfriend was pregnant with her. His efforts to clean up his act in those nine months was the first, but by far not the last gift he gave her and even though she's young she realized how important that was.

~ Every night before bed, Sandy eagerly looked forward to her father telling her stories of the old days, when heroes ran wild through New York saving lives and fighting villains every day. Though he himself was a villain he made sure to make the heroes sound great especially his one time enemy Spider-man. Thus Spider-man became her favorite.

~ After Flint was taken away, Sandy had to grow up very fast because her mother had to go from being a stay at home mom to working two jobs that did not pay well. This included washing her own clothes, cooking her own very basic meals (Ramen, Hot dogs ect) and washing her own dishes as well as locking up the apartment at all times.

~ Meals were usually bland and cheap growing up, and after having spent plenty of time starving in the wilderness Sandy has a passion for food in almost any shape and size. Her favorite food is Ice Cream.

~ Sandy loves and respects the arts. While her talents in painting and music are still beginning to intermediate level, she finds it very therapeutic to create things. Often the subjects of her art are terrible things that have happened to her, or people she cares about.

~ After being eaten five or six times in Panem (She's lost track) Sandy has determined she could not become a full time vegetarian even if she tried.

~ Sandy had vague understandings and belief in Christianity before she was taken to Panem and now here. She no longer is really sure what sort of higher powers to put her faith in.

~ Despite being very tomboyish in clothing choice and attitude, Sandy secretly likes getting dressed up and misses some of the fancy parties she used to attend in Panem.

~ Sandy finds it very difficult to sleep most nights so she follows a few rituals before bedtime including a long hot shower, some tea and white noise usually in the form of soft slow music.

~ Unfortunately Sandy was not entirely aware the tea she was drinking when she started this ritual in Panem was much stronger then normal due to the blend of pharmaceuticals specially formulated to make it more powerful. So she hasn't quite found the right tea for her yet in town. She keeps trying though.

~ When she grows up, Sandy wants to travel into space and explore it. Other planets, alien cultures and more.

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Princess Azula

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~ When Azula was very very young she looked up to and admired her brother, often playing games with him and chasing him around the palace calling for "Zuzu!"

~ At some point, Zuko became more needy and insecure about his place in the family. Likely due to his father favoring Azula and her natural talents. And so when Ursa tried to balance that out by spending more time with Zuko, Azula grew jealous of him and began lashing out. When Ursa responded sternly it only caused a rift between them and drove Azula more towards her encouraging father. This was the beginning of Azula embracing a spoiled princess lifestyle being daddies favorite.

~ Azula's father arranged for her first friends Ty Lee and Mai in an effort to make sure Azula only associated with "Proper children" from good homes with upstanding parents. No commoners for her.

~ Azula's favorite foods are heavily spiced or spicy meat, and fresh fruits, though she has taken a fondness to ramen dishes.

~ She secretly likes tea but doesn't like to bring it up at home due to her uncle's obsession with it.

~ Whenever Azula needed to relax or take some time for herself, she would schedule a spa day. No less then four to six servants would pamper her, cleaning her hair and combing it out, manicures and pedicures among other soothing treatments.

~ As part of training them to be the most effective warrior and ruler, her father provided Azula and her brother with survivalist training though it was not perhaps as rough and unforgiving as it could have been. After all no one dared upset her even when trying to educate her.

~ Since losing her throne and everything she'd fought for due to a lost battle with a water bender, Azula has a high level of hydrophobia and she absolutely loathes the cold.

~Azula's competitive nature and the short month she spent thinking she was a modern girl has led her to enjoying video games. She is currently saving up her pay checks for a hand held system. After that she might move on to consoles.

~ Her first kiss was with her friend Ty Lee. She wanted to see what all the fuss was about and claims it "Did nothing for me." though she likes to think it helped nurture Ty Lee's devotion to her.

~ While Azula can technically learn to play a musical instrument, it will take her much more time and soul searching before she can make music that has life and passion behind it.

~ One time to get Zuko to stop complaining about her calling him "Zuzu" She spend a week calling him "Koko".

~ Every day when she wakes up she takes a moment to assure herself that this last year was not some madness induced fantasy and that she's not going to wake up lost in the forest or worse, back a the sanitarium.

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Harley Quinn

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~ Harley is Bisexual, possibly pansexual though she hasn't had too many opportunities to explore her limits beyond men, women and some demons she met once after an adventure with Zatanna.

~ When forced to chose between werewolves and vampires, Harley is team werewolf.

~ Her favorite type of delivery is Chinese food

~ As a child and teenager she wrote a number of positively reviewed Wonder Woman fanfictions usually pairing her with other female heroes or amazon warriors.

~ Harley is of Jewish heritage however due to the amount of chaos in her house growing up and with how busy her parents both were neither particularly pressured their kids to keep the faith. She still enjoys celebrating Hanukkah but she doesn't speak a word of Yiddish much to the dismay of her close friend Cy Borgmen.

~ Due to her mother never really cooking a successful meal with fish, Harley believed that she simply hated fish up until Poison Ivy took her out for some very expensive sushi. She is still tentative about it but will try to keep an open mind when offered fish.

~ Harley believes that her butt is her best physical feature.

~ Harley needs glasses, but she can fake it most the time. She usually wears them when she's working though so she can make more precise notes and read text books. Also she feels they make her look more professional.

~ Due to how busy her father was, Harley spent a lot of time with her Aunt and Uncle just to get out of the house and away from her three rowdy brothers.

~ Harley's preferred condiment with her french fries is ketchup, but on her hot dogs she likes chili the best.

~ Harley is technically guilty of literally hundreds of murders possibly over a thousand thanks to her particularly blood soaked past with the Suicide Squad. Though these days she tries to focus on only killing people who deserve it.

~ Sometimes she likes to pretend her life is a comic book.