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Princess Azula

~ When Azula was very very young she looked up to and admired her brother, often playing games with him and chasing him around the palace calling for "Zuzu!"

~ At some point, Zuko became more needy and insecure about his place in the family. Likely due to his father favoring Azula and her natural talents. And so when Ursa tried to balance that out by spending more time with Zuko, Azula grew jealous of him and began lashing out. When Ursa responded sternly it only caused a rift between them and drove Azula more towards her encouraging father. This was the beginning of Azula embracing a spoiled princess lifestyle being daddies favorite.

~ Azula's father arranged for her first friends Ty Lee and Mai in an effort to make sure Azula only associated with "Proper children" from good homes with upstanding parents. No commoners for her.

~ Azula's favorite foods are heavily spiced or spicy meat, and fresh fruits, though she has taken a fondness to ramen dishes.

~ She secretly likes tea but doesn't like to bring it up at home due to her uncle's obsession with it.

~ Whenever Azula needed to relax or take some time for herself, she would schedule a spa day. No less then four to six servants would pamper her, cleaning her hair and combing it out, manicures and pedicures among other soothing treatments.

~ As part of training them to be the most effective warrior and ruler, her father provided Azula and her brother with survivalist training though it was not perhaps as rough and unforgiving as it could have been. After all no one dared upset her even when trying to educate her.

~ Since losing her throne and everything she'd fought for due to a lost battle with a water bender, Azula has a high level of hydrophobia and she absolutely loathes the cold.

~Azula's competitive nature and the short month she spent thinking she was a modern girl has led her to enjoying video games. She is currently saving up her pay checks for a hand held system. After that she might move on to consoles.

~ Her first kiss was with her friend Ty Lee. She wanted to see what all the fuss was about and claims it "Did nothing for me." though she likes to think it helped nurture Ty Lee's devotion to her.

~ While Azula can technically learn to play a musical instrument, it will take her much more time and soul searching before she can make music that has life and passion behind it.

~ One time to get Zuko to stop complaining about her calling him "Zuzu" She spend a week calling him "Koko".

~ Every day when she wakes up she takes a moment to assure herself that this last year was not some madness induced fantasy and that she's not going to wake up lost in the forest or worse, back a the sanitarium.

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