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"Wow Bee, it seems like from what you and Chase have said, there's like no canon for any of the Darkstalkers characters"

YEAH WELL AT LEAST THEY ACKNOWLEDGE BONNIE'S EXISTENCE. I got excited just now because I found Lilith's Home Sweet Home. Depending on whether or not you want to consider it canon. Let's get goin' tho!

-Lilith really doesn't understand much of how she came to be, and takes it all very literally. At first she wasn't Lilith! She was just a soul. in a chest But even after she gained sentience and learned of Makai through Morrigan's eyes, she doesn't understand the how's or why's. It's kinda like watching a movie I guess. Maybe. Except that movie is very familiar and maybe it was actually your life and what does it matter anyway, now that Lilith has forgotten Morrigan and essentially sees those memories as 100% her own.

-She's grateful to Jedah! She wouldn't be Lilith without him, and even though he's super stuffy and lame she thinks he's funny! She has probably poked him in the spleen just to see his reaction. Lilith isn't afraid of him in the least even though she should be, and if she knew what Father's/Mother's Day was she would get him a present for both of the days.

-Lilith doesn't understand why people are so unhappy in Nyoi-cho. She loves it in Nyoi-cho! She would have faded out of existence if she didn't contract with Kyuubey! So yeah, she thinks QB is stuffy and weird but she doesn't hate him.

-She's also super friendly with all the locals, and interacts with them genuinely.

-Lilith is always texting Sachiko pictures of Hoshiko and Miki. Lilith has also been told to leave the school. Hoshiko's a bit unsure of this weird lady always talking to her, but Miki likes the free candy Lilith brings for them.

-Seeing as she is, y'know, anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of Morrigan's soul depending on how you see the canon... Lilith is incredibly strong. Morrigan was split up into pieces because she was so strong she ran the very real risk of destroying herself and everything around her without even trying, so needless to say even a portion of her soul has a lot of power behind it. Lilith can take down a small Nightmare without even using any of her Magi powers.

-She loves sweets. She could eat like, a 5 pound chocolate bunny and still want more.

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