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Ryoko Asakura ([personal profile] loveedition) wrote in [community profile] souljammed 2016-10-17 02:26 am (UTC)

-Ryoko learned a lot of her cooking skills and subsequent knife ability from her mom. It was always under the pretense of her mom wanting to do her best for Ryoko, giving Ryoko the kind of maternal sense that she has.

-During her time in Nyoi-cho, she's spent a lot of time trying to befriend some of the NPCs that frequent school, to not much success. A lot of it is because she's pretty sure she can't recall any of their names at all, even if she thinks about it hard enough. Still, she spends most of her time at school, creating a schedule that makes it easier for her to go Nightmare hunting.

-Though she absolutely loves to make oden and goes crazy for oden, she spends a lot of time messing with new recipes, thinking about what the other person would like. Problem being, if she winds up thinking someone really likes something, she'll go a little too hard.

-Something kind of highlighted a little-- Ryoko likes books a little, but with her wanting to help Yuki with Kyon, it turns out that she reads shoujo manga, and probably winds up getting super into the story. She has done a LOT of research in romantic comedies, you know!

-Yes, she knows how scary she is. Yes, she knows she can use that to her advantage. But she can temper her fearsome aura depending on how much she likes you. Two scales: Yuki-passive suggestion to Kyon-Full Out "Do as I Say Or Else"

-She had a small part time job for a while, using that to pay for groceries. She's forgotten to keep going for a while, but she's gonna try to get back to work! Of course, she works at a restaurant, cookin'. What else?

-Often times at Ryoko's house that there isn't a second person there-- just sitting quietly and playing video games. It happens a lot more infrequently now, but it used to be every day a while ago.

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