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But for real, folks. Baby Bonnie Hood has the right kind of no-canon bullshit that annoys me, while having a shitton of personality because that's what Capcom did in the 90s, creating a bunch of great characters in games with little actual story to them. And in a fighting game that's got a lot more going for it than say, Street Fighter, B.B. Hood's story manages to be absolutely barren.

Luckily, there's not only a small side-story in Udon comics that tries to give her SOME kind of substance, but I otherwise just pull things out from the little bit of info that the artbooks and other things try to give her. So! Here's a few things I have on her.

-Scooping out from the Udon comic, B.B.'s parents died when she was young. They were traveling in a carriage and were attacked by a werewolf. It was mostly luck that Bonnie herself wasn't killed-- her dad had his throat ripped out and her mom ran for it. So, she was able to escape and carry a grudge. I won't say that was the impetus that made her get into Darkhunting, but it sure as heck helped.

-After that, she started living with her Grandmother, who took care of her! See the thing is though, there isn't really anything to say that Margaret here is really related to her after all. But, she did teach her everything that she knows about Darkhunting, and she's in general, the reason why Bonnie is such a damn good Darkhunter.

-She picked up on everything fairly quickly, and as her routine shows, she's only still growing even at the level that she's already at. There are hundreds upon hundreds of Darkhunters of different ranks, and Special S-Class isn't easy to attain! Part of that is the fact that a Darkhunter has to have an uncorruptable soul and strong mind so that Darkstalkers' aura can't effect them or hurt them-- and yeah, her heart and soul are already pitch black, so there's nothing really to corrupt there.

-Little Red Riding Hood is definitely a story in this universe, so yes, she gets it. The way I suss this out is that it was a story she was told a lot as a toddler and she really liked it, and her parents made her a red hood and cloak, and bought her a basket. The one she wears now (because you know, she DID kinda grow) was made by her Grandmother.

-In addition to all the Darkhunting, part of her routine is that she regularly goes shopping for clothes and food, running errands for her Grandmother. I feel like though she might politely wave and smile and be cheerful towards anyone out on the town, she doesn't really make friends. That's fine on her end, she'd much rather just have clients or allies, anyone she can use for some further purpose. Given that she's driven by money and is willing to act as a contract killer, she doesn't have much time to have friends anyway, even as far as other Darkhunters go.

-So yeah, she hates wolves. This one is the most obvious thing. Aside from the fact that she's seriously Red Riding Hood, her parents WERE killed by a wolf. Truthfully, it branched out and causes her to hate all Darkstalkers as a whole, but she especially hates wolves. She will stop at absolutely nothing to kill any wolf she meets with-- so yeah. Lilith fucked up THAT hard that she's on the same level as wolves. GOOD JOB.

any other questions????

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