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Sandy Marko

~ Sandy's father Flint Marko (AKA: The Sandman) retired from his life of crime as soon as he found out his girlfriend was pregnant with her. His efforts to clean up his act in those nine months was the first, but by far not the last gift he gave her and even though she's young she realized how important that was.

~ Every night before bed, Sandy eagerly looked forward to her father telling her stories of the old days, when heroes ran wild through New York saving lives and fighting villains every day. Though he himself was a villain he made sure to make the heroes sound great especially his one time enemy Spider-man. Thus Spider-man became her favorite.

~ After Flint was taken away, Sandy had to grow up very fast because her mother had to go from being a stay at home mom to working two jobs that did not pay well. This included washing her own clothes, cooking her own very basic meals (Ramen, Hot dogs ect) and washing her own dishes as well as locking up the apartment at all times.

~ Meals were usually bland and cheap growing up, and after having spent plenty of time starving in the wilderness Sandy has a passion for food in almost any shape and size. Her favorite food is Ice Cream.

~ Sandy loves and respects the arts. While her talents in painting and music are still beginning to intermediate level, she finds it very therapeutic to create things. Often the subjects of her art are terrible things that have happened to her, or people she cares about.

~ After being eaten five or six times in Panem (She's lost track) Sandy has determined she could not become a full time vegetarian even if she tried.

~ Sandy had vague understandings and belief in Christianity before she was taken to Panem and now here. She no longer is really sure what sort of higher powers to put her faith in.

~ Despite being very tomboyish in clothing choice and attitude, Sandy secretly likes getting dressed up and misses some of the fancy parties she used to attend in Panem.

~ Sandy finds it very difficult to sleep most nights so she follows a few rituals before bedtime including a long hot shower, some tea and white noise usually in the form of soft slow music.

~ Unfortunately Sandy was not entirely aware the tea she was drinking when she started this ritual in Panem was much stronger then normal due to the blend of pharmaceuticals specially formulated to make it more powerful. So she hasn't quite found the right tea for her yet in town. She keeps trying though.

~ When she grows up, Sandy wants to travel into space and explore it. Other planets, alien cultures and more.

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