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The TL;DR CR Meme

1. Post a top-level for yourself and your characters
2. People respond to you by asking for the deets on how your character feels about theirs
3. You give the deets, then you get other people to give the deets
4. It's just that simple
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Bonnie is by far Lucifer's favorite person here.

In a town full of children and halfwit assholes who have fought battles before but seem to have no idea how to adapt or go with the flow of a battle, Bonnie definitely stands out. The people here appear to think they're playing some kind of game instead of understanding how changing and fluid a battle is, whereas Bonnie's adaptability, survival instinct, and viciousness lends itself to battle immensely well. While several people here talk about plans as if battle plans are something you should ever put 100% stock in, Bonnie seems to understand that battle plans are a type of insurance. A way to feel good and show you have some form of control in an event you really don't. You make plans in order to have a very basic idea of what to do. You adapt when the battle actually starts and those plans go to hell.

On top of that, he simply likes Bonnie's personal attributes. SHe's cunning, strong willed, ruthless, and driven. These are attributes that Lucifer, as a being that represents freedom from control and chaos, adores. She talks the talk and also has the walk to back it up, which he finds lacking in almost everyone else here.

Most impressive was her way of building herself back up. When Lucifer first arrived she was on the verge of, then fell over, a precipice that led to self-destruction and existential terror. He was fascinated that even then she kept fighting, could see that part of her wasn't a show, but was her actual nature. He knew at that point too that she would rebuild herself, either into something resembling who she had been or something new, but stronger than previously as well.

He feels that recent events have proven him right.

It is very, very rare that Lucifer would say he likes another living creature. He can be fond of them from afar, but rarely does he like them. Bonnie has managed to win the position of being someone he actually likes. He's very much acting as a team player right now out of respect for her and the fact that she's one of the most likely people to lead them to managing to kill Kagaku due to her drive. Bonnie in turn will probably prove to be the only person here who might have some kind of ability to rein Lucifer in, though even then he wouldn't give her too much of a chance to do that because while he likes Bonnie, he also isn't adverse to having to fight/kill her if it really comes to it.

He's fought her twice now, both times when she wasn't in her right mind. He'd like, very much, to fight her one day when she's at her peak.