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1. post with your characters
2. respond to other people's characters with your characters
3. they tell you in detail what their character thinks of your character, ic or ooc! tl;dr is enouraged. don't have much/any cr? respond anyway, make magic happen!
4. then you react if you want!
5. other people do the same thing to you! maybe you can harvest your tl;dr to use in a cr chart later!

(shamelessly stolen from other people)
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The best of friends!

Azula has watched the Bonnie vs. Lilith battle from a distance for some time now and considered Lilith the weaker of the two for most of it. During their group events and meetings Lilith always seems to be on the losing side because unlike Bonnie (In Azula's eyes anyway) She's actively trying to change.

But now a days Azula is also trying to change and grow and she's taking note of how Bonnie isn't changing or growing as fast as Lilith. So while Bonnie may be more comfortable in her stubborn denial, Lilith is growing in different ways.

She hasn't quite sorted out what Lilith would be in her world, she has her theories that Lilith might be more water tribe then anything due to how she's making such efforts to "Go with the flow" and while she doesn't particularly care for water tribe, she can swallow her pride in this case.

Like most Magi, Azula views Lilith as a potential tool to get what she wants. In Lilith's case she's almost positive she could defeat her in a fight or a battle of wits, but at the end of the day she hasn't spent enough time with her one on one to confirm just how she would do it.

The fact that Lilith brought her chocolates earned her a lot of points though. With the loss of Raven Queen and Alice, Lilith is in a prime spot to land in Azula's inner circle with her other "Friends"