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1. post with your characters
2. respond to other people's characters with your characters
3. they tell you in detail what their character thinks of your character, ic or ooc! tl;dr is enouraged. don't have much/any cr? respond anyway, make magic happen!
4. then you react if you want!
5. other people do the same thing to you! maybe you can harvest your tl;dr to use in a cr chart later!

(shamelessly stolen from other people)
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obligatory i hate you
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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Most of what I wrote last time still applies, with a few months having gone by. Bulleta one-hundred-and-ten-percent blames Lilith for everything bad that's happened to her in Nyoi-cho. She blamed her for B.B. Hood's death when she was gone, she blames her for meeting Morrigan in Tsukudo-cho, and she blames her for everyone turning against her. She absolutely thinks that if Lilith wasn't in Nyoi-cho, there would still be at least a few people on her side.

On the other hand, it gave her a goal. She gives Lilith credit for one thing: if she didn't make the decision go to back to Nyoi-cho because of her, she'd probably be dead at this point. Not to mention she now knows how much her being alive pisses the succubus off, so now she has a reason to protect herself. From this point, she no longer wants to make a deal, and no longer feels there's any chance of her wanting to work with Lilith. Even if Lilith forgot everything that happened in Nyoi-cho from day one, she'd still want her dead.

Which is why she did what she did. Bulleta had to give her what she deserved for 11 months of torture, 11 months of trying to be good. The rush of power over someone who's a broken-off piece of the strongest Darkstalker in Makai would be enough, but now with the added vengeance, it felt like an early Christmas present, as if she had gotten everything she wanted. That's why Bonnie came back after all. Because Lilith deserved it, and getting her just desserts made her that much happier.

So now she gets to see a more subdued Lilith, and that's fine by her. For once, she's ahead. She's got that power over her, is hanging on for dear life. So what if she's the one who's lost her status because of Lilith?

At least she's happy now.