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The TL;DR CR Meme


It's function rambunction let me show you the rules:

1. Post a top level with your character.
2. Others post with their characters under your top level
3. You go on and on about those two characters CR.
4. Post with your character, get the same.
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Sorry this is so late

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Pokey is trouble, that much Azula can see from her few interactions with him.

She aims to keep him at a distance if possible while she assesses just how smart and dangerous he might be, but more importantly if that danger is to her, or himself. Because the only thing worse then a very smart enemy is a very emotional one.

A few years ago she might have thought his emotions were a weakness to be manipulated, but time and losing has taught her that emotions can't always be so easily predicted. Sometimes feelings will outweigh logic and make people do stupid and crazy things aainst their own self interest. And if she can't predict what he's going to do then that could end poorly for her since she's already not on his good side.