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The TL;DR CR Meme


It's function rambunction let me show you the rules:

1. Post a top level with your character.
2. Others post with their characters under your top level
3. You go on and on about those two characters CR.
4. Post with your character, get the same.
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Re: Lilith | Darkstalkers

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tag. you're it.
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sollux, baby!!!

Lilith honestly holds no ill will towards the poor guy. She was drawn to him because he's so obviously not a human, and that means they should stick together! Or something like that. He also has a funny way of reacting to things, so she thinks that he's really fun to tease as well. And the lisp? Kinda cute...

It was likely because Sollux isn't a human that she especially didn't see anything wrong with killing him. In Makai, violence and murder are rampant! It's practically how you say hello to each other, and even after 8 months in Nyoi-cho, lilith isn't 100% on board with human morals. what does it matter if she kills someone, especially in a place where death isn't permanent??? so she was certain that sollux would understand that.

It's why she tried to give him choices, as well. she likes him! she didn't want him to suffer needlessly, and maybe he like..... had some weird way he really wanted to die????? she could totally give him that, and then everyone wins! he dies happy, she lives happy! she's not really sure what she'll do if he holds it against her, though. she's somehow convinced that killing him will change nothing, and she can go right back to being her usual, weird self around him.