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The TL;DR CR Meme


It's function rambunction let me show you the rules:

1. Post a top level with your character.
2. Others post with their characters under your top level
3. You go on and on about those two characters CR.
4. Post with your character, get the same.
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Lilith really likes Pokey. She thinks he is a very interesting human to talk to, because he humors her more crass, immature side to, well... draw giant dick monsters on a whiteboard. And he always reacts so excitedly about it, too! Why wouldn't she like someone like that? He's the only person in Nyoi-cho who laughs at her dumb jokes...

It's because of this that she's more likely to listen to him. Like, Madoka always goes on about how she knows Lilith can do good and that she believes in her, but Pokey is the one who isn't afraid to directly call her out on her shit. She can deal with a disappointed frown, but there's something about Pokey that makes her feel like he really does know what he's talking about. Y'know, probably the fact that he's far from a perfect person himself, and he's speaking from experience when he tells her to cut it out.

She's honestly going to be a little worried to talk to him, after she comes back. He always seemed to tiptoe the line of enabling her animosity towards Bonnie, and she felt like he would definitely understand! It was fine, right?! Except.... he was really mad at her this time. He wasn't joking or playing around at all, and she won't blame him one bit if he wants to kick her ass.

Seriously though, buddy... if you ever wanna die... she can hook you up.