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The TL;DR CR Meme

1. Post a top-level for yourself and your characters
2. People respond to you by asking for the deets on how your character feels about theirs
3. You give the deets, then you get other people to give the deets
4. It's just that simple
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Dirk, Sayaka, and Dito!
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Re: Shikki

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Dirks been pretty open about his feelings on piggly wiggly, what are his deep dark thoughts about Bro and what does he think about the demon who want savage on the mind controlled recently.
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james james james

Dirk has no idea what to make of Bro Strider.

On the one hand, Bro is an iteration of himself and is therefore capable and intelligent. For all the AR annoys him, Dirk trusts his judgement and considers him a valuable partner and crime and conversational partner. Bro also offers the one thing Dirk has wanted his whole life, and that's a father figure who teach him and guide him. It's not the brother he wants, but it's someone who can offer guidance and help him figure out what the fuck he feels. He wants Bro's approval even if he won't admit it.

On the other, Bro Strider is an iteration of himself and is therefore dangerous, headstrong, and not to be trusted with impunity. Dirk knows what he's like. He knows that he's controlling and has a mean streak a mile wide, he loves trolling the fuck out of the people around him and manipulating people to his whims, and he thinks that he can deal with this after dealing with the AR.

Except, no. He can't.

Dirk has never dealt with a version of himself who has lived through the tumultuous teen years and come out of it a worse person. He doesn't realize that Bro knows all of his weaknesses and he doesn't really know any of Bro's, and the difference in the power dynamic is going to be his downfall. Bro browbeating him down hurts more than the AR doing it and he's way more susceptible to his influence. And Dirk is going to learn that he's not as great and powerful as he thinks he is soon.

As for Lucifer...

He doesn't know what the fuck to make of him, other than he has a valuable power and seems rational, if not ridiculously brutal, most of the time. This is going to be a case of keeping your friends close and your potential enemies that much closer.
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tell me about everyone
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Deets on Bon, also Dirk
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Uh. Dirk on Shaundi, I guess?