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Test Drive Meme


Arrival: So you've just arrived in Nyoi-Cho. Congratulations! You must be so excited about having your wish granted. Or maybe you're upset that the result wasn't quite what you expected? If that's the case, then that's too bad! There are no take backs and no redoes, so you're stuck with what you have! Maybe you should have been more careful about how you worded that wish...

Oh well. There's no use in dwelling on it. You're a magi now, and that means adjusting to a whole new lifestyle! Maybe one of the townspeople can help you out.

Only... they're acting a bit strangely, aren't they? They're all too happy to show you around, but there's something unsettling about the way they're behaving. Almost cheerfully dissonant. Any questions about the history of the town are met with blank stares and brief silence, before they plaster a smile onto their faces and change the subject. Any attempts to tell them about your duties as a magi or anything else that relates to the magical will get similar reactions.

Isn't there anyone normal here that you can talk to at all?

Home Improvement: The houses that the magi are given access to really are something, aren't they? There's almost no limit to what they can do! Why don't you create the house of your dreams, or maybe recreate and relive your favorite childhood scenes? Invite some spectators over to marvel!

A Day in the Life: Everyday hero by day, magician by night! You've got a busy day ahead of you and no time to waste! Maybe it's school, or maybe it's work, maybe it's both! Being magical doesn't make you exempt from paying those shopping bills!

Practice makes Perfect: This magi stuff sure looked easier on TV. You don't understand your power and it's frustrating trying to use it in combat when you don't get it. Maybe it's time to just take some time to figure this out. Good thing none of the citizens can see you when you transform! Test out those new skills, cause a little mischief, or be the helping hand someone might need!

Fighting Evil by Moonlight: Things aren't as easy as they looked on TV. Nightmares are tough and there's real danger in there. There are victories... but, some are not as clear cut as others. Is today a successful attempt, or are you on your last legs standing up against an enemy far stronger than yourself? Do you forge on ahead, or do you retreat?

A Corrupted Soul Gem: You neglected to take care of your soul gem, and now you don't feel quite yourself anymore. You feel like you're losing your sense of self - all you seem to be able to focus on is your old regrets and past failures. What's happening to you?

A Dreadful Nightmare: You had an absolutely horrid day. As you drift off to sleep, your mind dwells on all the injustices you've had to endure. In response, your bed swallows you up, and your room shifts into a horrific Nightmarescape. What sort of Nightmare are you? What kind of Nightmarescape do you create? Hopefully your fellow magi can stop you before you cause too much damage!

A Witch's Curse: A Nightmare is nothing in comparison to the horror of a Witch. Perhaps you've been bitten by her sweet kiss, now only able to see the futility in all you do. Perhaps you've just witnessed one of your most beloved friends succumbing to the darkness in their heart, forsaking their wish for a curse - or perhaps you have decided to do it yourself. One thing is for sure... there's no turning back now.

Wildcard: Feel free to use any information from the FAQ or the World Info page to make your own prompt!
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noctis lucis caelum; final fantasy road trip simulator

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A Day in the Life
(canonpoint: end of Chapter 13)

To be honest, it could be better.

No one ever said that the crown prince had any particular taste or skill in the fine art of architecture and interior decorating. In that respect, it was probably a good thing that the exterior was fixed and couldn't be changed - why anyone let him have control over the decal choices for the Regalia is anyone's guess. But nobody complained, so either the gang didn't want to object and offend their prince's tastes, or (obviously) they all had equally poor decorating taste. If any of the guy showed up here, they're bound to feel right at home.

If. Noctis thinks about that, a lot.

It's precisely why there's a fishing spot in his house. Just around the corner from the quaint, cozy living room reminiscent of a laidback apartment he'd once lived in during his school years despite the occasional bizarre colour pattern along the wall, the floor becomes wooden planks and leads directly to a small, indoor pond - complete with lilypads and tall grass. A frog even hops by every so often. Sometimes it breaks out into showtunes. But for the most part, it's where he goes to relax, to get his mind off of ... everything.

That doesn't always work. It's only been a few days, and everything had happened so quickly, that it was hard not to think about it. His friends were still fighting back there without him. His entire homeworld was being consumed by night, and the daemons were only growing stronger and in greater numbers. There's only so many times he can be told there's nothing he can do to go back, no matter how grave the danger is and how important it was that he be sent home, before he loses his temper and storms off back to his new home to sit at the edge of his indoor dock and sulk. And fish.

Suffice it to say, he fishes a lot.

The problem with indoor fishing is that ... well. It's indoors. Anytime he happens to catch a fish - like now, for example - it catches him off guard, and in his excitement to scramble to his feet and reel the fish in, he pulls a little too hard, and the line snaps, sending the fish flying out the open window. It always disappears (it's a frequent occurrence,) but he still hurries to make his way over to the window, and wave an apology at any potential passers by.

"H-Hey, uh, sorry! They're, uh ... slippery."
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Yoshino Koiwai | Masamune-kun no Revenge

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a | arrival (spoilers for chapter 37 of masamune-kun no revenge)

[The Koiwais prided themselves on excellent service; their role as the attendants of the Adagaki household had spanned multiple generations, and it was to the point where Yoshino had been raised from birth to become skilled in the task.

And yet, with one single thoughtless action, Yoshino had hurt the person she was supposed to look out for deeply. It was a mistake that she regretted terribly, filling her with a deep sense of guilt; so when the chance came to rectify it, she leapt for it immediately.

"I wish for Aki-sama and and Piggy to reconcile."

Just with that one sentence, she's whisked away to another world. A world without Aki-sama.

She stares down at the ground, sighing deeply.]

I wonder if things will really be okay like this...

[After all, regardless of the intentions behind the wish, she's essentially abandoned her duties.]

b | hunting

[A pitch-black, blob-like familiar wanders the streets of Nyoi-cho, carrying a piece of fruit in its hands. A few paces behind it, Yoshino can be seen, following it closely with a look of concentration on her face. In fact, she's so focused on that familiar that she doesn't notice you at all. When the familiar ducks under your legs, Yoshino blindly pursues it, crashing straight into you.

A look of mortification immediately comes onto her face.]

O-oh! I'm so sorry!
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Kainé | NieR

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[There's way too many people here in... wherever the fuck this place is called. Look, she wasn't paying much attention to that weird cat's introductory spiel beyond "go kill the shit out of these things," and it looks to her like nothing nightmarish is going down on this street corner. Right now, anyway. Always gotta keep an eye peeled for shitheads.

People keep looking at her and smiling. It's fucking bizarre, is what it is. The hell are they smiling for? One of them tried to grab her by the elbow and show her around, but an elbow to the face put the end to that horseshit. Hasn't given them enough of a clue to leave her alone, oh no, they're still sorta crowded around, waiting for something, and hell if she knows what it is but she's pretty sure they're looking in the wrong fucking place. Someone's coming up to her now, she can feel it, maybe behind her, maybe in front, it doesn't make much difference to her because she's snarling at them before the first round of conversation can kick off.]

Stop fucking smiling at me before I shove my foot so far down your ass it'll come out the other side.

Fighting Evil by Moonlight

[Now, this, this is more like it. Sure, she's in some fucked up dream world, the colors stretched out and faded like they went through the wash too many times, some bulbous hopping thing in front of her pulling thin ones from out her ass (not literally, ugh, though she wouldn't put that shit past them). She hops from foot to foot, head to head, slashing and burning anything that gets in her way, and she figures out pretty quick that if she drags this knife through their spines, well, they don't seem keen on getting back up.

She's bleeding from somewhere, or hell, maybe it's blood from the Nightmare she's squaring up against, and all she can do is keep cutting with the knife in her hand until everything fucking stops.]

If you're not gonna help, get the fuck out of my way! [Guess somebody else hopped in here. Ugh. Fucking killstealers. Still, if they think they can help, be her fucking guest. All that matters is the thing in front of her dies.]
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Aradia Megido | that one webcomic about houses

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a. arrival
[ Make a wish, get her life back, and see how everything all turns out to boot? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Might still be a good idea, depending on how it all turns out, but for now that’s out of the question. ]

Well, that’s done- wait. [ That’s… her voice. Properly. Not synthesised or hollow, but real like it used to be. She didn’t get to process it when she made her wish.

A hand shakily reaches up to her face. Her skin is gray again, her horns, her hair, her face, all of it’s there and solid and there’s a long moment of dead silence as it sinks in.

And then it breaks with an ear-splitting, enthusiastic whoop of sheer joy at the feeling of being alive again, spinning in a circle just because she can, and completely ignoring anyone she might crash into.

b. a day in the life
[ She’d never really paid attention to any of the humans before, which was proving to be a bit of a problem now that she needed to interact with them on a regular basis. And that just wouldn’t do. So! Time to take matters into her own hands and see what makes people tick.

This, as it turns out, amounts to one oddball troll taking advantage of the ‘normal humans can’t see transformed Magi’ thing, and using that to… more or less sneak around town and ‘investigate’ everything. Peer through windows into people’s houses? Probably. Climb on top of things for a better view? Ayup. Poke through people’s trash? okay no-

Someone. Might want to stop her before she does something stupid, maybe.

c. wildcard
[ or something else? I’m not picky. hit me up for ideas! ]

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