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Test Drive Meme


Arrival: So you've just arrived in Nyoi-Cho. Congratulations! You must be so excited about having your wish granted. Or maybe you're upset that the result wasn't quite what you expected? If that's the case, then that's too bad! There are no take backs and no redoes, so you're stuck with what you have! Maybe you should have been more careful about how you worded that wish...

Oh well. There's no use in dwelling on it. You're a magi now, and that means adjusting to a whole new lifestyle! Maybe one of the townspeople can help you out.

Only... they're acting a bit strangely, aren't they? They're all too happy to show you around, but there's something unsettling about the way they're behaving. Almost cheerfully dissonant. Any questions about the history of the town are met with blank stares and brief silence, before they plaster a smile onto their faces and change the subject. Any attempts to tell them about your duties as a magi or anything else that relates to the magical will get similar reactions.

Isn't there anyone normal here that you can talk to at all?

Home Improvement: The houses that the magi are given access to really are something, aren't they? There's almost no limit to what they can do! Why don't you create the house of your dreams, or maybe recreate and relive your favorite childhood scenes? Invite some spectators over to marvel!

A Day in the Life: Everyday hero by day, magician by night! You've got a busy day ahead of you and no time to waste! Maybe it's school, or maybe it's work, maybe it's both! Being magical doesn't make you exempt from paying those shopping bills!

Practice makes Perfect: This magi stuff sure looked easier on TV. You don't understand your power and it's frustrating trying to use it in combat when you don't get it. Maybe it's time to just take some time to figure this out. Good thing none of the citizens can see you when you transform! Test out those new skills, cause a little mischief, or be the helping hand someone might need!

Fighting Evil by Moonlight: Things aren't as easy as they looked on TV. Nightmares are tough and there's real danger in there. There are victories... but, some are not as clear cut as others. Is today a successful attempt, or are you on your last legs standing up against an enemy far stronger than yourself? Do you forge on ahead, or do you retreat?

A Corrupted Soul Gem: You neglected to take care of your soul gem, and now you don't feel quite yourself anymore. You feel like you're losing your sense of self - all you seem to be able to focus on is your old regrets and past failures. What's happening to you?

A Dreadful Nightmare: You had an absolutely horrid day. As you drift off to sleep, your mind dwells on all the injustices you've had to endure. In response, your bed swallows you up, and your room shifts into a horrific Nightmarescape. What sort of Nightmare are you? What kind of Nightmarescape do you create? Hopefully your fellow magi can stop you before you cause too much damage!

A Witch's Curse: A Nightmare is nothing in comparison to the horror of a Witch. Perhaps you've been bitten by her sweet kiss, now only able to see the futility in all you do. Perhaps you've just witnessed one of your most beloved friends succumbing to the darkness in their heart, forsaking their wish for a curse - or perhaps you have decided to do it yourself. One thing is for sure... there's no turning back now.

Wildcard: Feel free to use any information from the FAQ or the World Info page to make your own prompt!
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[She nods. She's about to breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that the person she'd bumped into her appears to be friendly, but then she catches sight of his summoned weapon.]

Um, could you maybe be...

[Assassin. Yakuza. Serial killer.

No, it would be foolish to immediately jump to the worst-case scenarios, wouldn't it? Instead, maybe this person is...]

...a magi?
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[Sky lowers his weapon and lets his guard down a bit, not wanting to seem threatening. But he's still very aware that a familiar literally just passed through here and decides to keep focused on his surroundings.

Still, he gives a nod of his head when the question is asked. Ah, that makes sense. The locals didn't seem to notice him when he was transformed, did they? So this young lady must be a Magi as well.]

Yes, that's right. And judging by the way you seemed to be relentlessly in pursuit of that...thing, I'm going to assume you're a magi as well.
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[Another nod. Her gaze travels back to the familiar.]

I'm new. I thought this would be good starter practice.

[Read: it looks small and non-threatening.]
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[He glances over at the familiar. It definitely didn't look like much, but he doesn't want to underestimate an enemy. He's not sure if that's what she's doing or not, but, well...]

Ah, I see. Well, I'm new here as well. Maybe it would be easier if we both went after it. Safety in numbers, as they say.

[Read: he's a little concerned.]
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Mm, okay. It's fast; it should be easier to corner if there's two of us.

[Maybe she could take one side, and he could take another.

...Ah. Now that they're going to be working together, she really should introduce herself.]

My name is Yoshino Koiwai.