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i forgot the spoiler warning oops what a great first impression

To be perfectly honest, that was probably not the best way to reunite with a close friend. That could've gone better ... much better.

But all things considered, it also could've gone worse.

He remembers having to turn away from them, growing an intense and burning hatred for the phrases for the greater good and it's a king's duty with every step further towards the Crystal he took. Just because he knew it was what he had to do, that didn't necessarily mean it was something he was eagerly jumping at the gate for. Everything was somewhat hazy after that, he knows he made a choice and looking back on it, it wasn't the best one - what about everyone back home? What about the daemons, the darkness, all of his friends, what was going to happen to them now that he was here? Everyone was relying on him.

He'd thought, once or twice, that this world was some sort of ... bizarre hallucination brought on by his time spent reflecting. It certainly wouldn't be beyond the realm of believability, with all the strange things happening here in Nyoi-Cho. But once he spots the first familiar face in what feels like years, he certainly hopes it's no delusion.

"I was passing it to you."


Noctis is caught off guard first, but he's quick to fall back into old habits, and teasing his friends has always been one of them. Though his sarcastic tone is betrayed by the grin on his face, as he leans further out the window to call out to his apparently dumbstruck friend.

"Your fault for not catching it."

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