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[Hunting came naturally to Haruka.

Truth be told, this was...well, different was a bit too simple a word to explain the discrepancy between this and her usual prey. She supposes there should be some relief, some kind of feeling that killing Nightmares was so different from killing people, but really, there wasn't. At best, the difference was somewhat curious to her, a small amusement at the back of her mind.

Even if she had become more averse to her usual hunting-stalking, to the demands of her being once her memories - Haruka's memories - had become so much more firmly entrenched in her, it was still easy to fall into the most basic needs and mindset of herself. The familiars were amusements. Certainly, they were more dangerous than most of the humans Haruka had hunted, but then again Haruka hardly amused herself by hunting the most dangerous of people. The perverted, the disgusting, the trash of society. Most times once it was clear she was dangerous they'd run from her, but she was usually upon them by then. Sometimes they'd flail, try to push her back. Occasionally they'd be armed with something like a bat or a pipe or a knife, but even that mattered very little to her, and how unprepared to use their weapon they usually were.

She was a hunter by nature.

Following the little blob was a slower task than hunting people were, though. It was a necessity though, to have to catch the thing off guard. It was almost a mercy that this place had granted her her teeth as a weapon at least. Preferable if she still possessed her actual strength, her ability to rip and tear and eat, but if all she was to be given was her teeth, well. That was a start. The body was still too weak to be aggressive aside from the most dire of situations, though. So trying to sneak up on the thing, grab it, and bite it apart was her best course of action.

And then it turned out she wasn't the only one stalking it. Haruka wondered if the other girl was even aware of the fact Haruka was in front of her, so much so that she doesn't bother to try and grab the familiar as it darts under her. She gets pushed back softly as Yoshino runs into her, already expecting it from the girl.

And just smiles at Yoshino as she tries to apologize. Pleasantly. Pleasant is always best, at least at first.]

They can be tricky sometimes, can't they?

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