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[ In general, Jughead had been treating these little excursions like he had been given a quest in a video game. It'd be easier if he had some kind of marker, but instead he's being forced to keep an eye out on the gem the little cat-looking guide gave him.

Not that he's paying too much attention. That's why he completely misses the familiar until it passes through his legs, glancing back at it looking kind of dumbfounded. His reaction time's off the mark, and Yoshino smacks right into him, sending him right onto the ground.

Jughead sits up, rubbing at the back of his head and blearily blinking a few times. ]

I'm awake, I'm awake-- [ It takes him a moment before he focuses on the girl in front of him, startled and apologetic. At first, he's a little tense. Familiars or whatever here could take the form of little girls, he doesn't know. But then again, that blob passed by without so much as attacking him. ] Uh... don't worry about it. I get the feeling I'm not who you're targeting. Maybe?

[ Probably? ]

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