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Yoshino Koiwai | Masamune-kun no Revenge

a | arrival (spoilers for chapter 37 of masamune-kun no revenge)

[The Koiwais prided themselves on excellent service; their role as the attendants of the Adagaki household had spanned multiple generations, and it was to the point where Yoshino had been raised from birth to become skilled in the task.

And yet, with one single thoughtless action, Yoshino had hurt the person she was supposed to look out for deeply. It was a mistake that she regretted terribly, filling her with a deep sense of guilt; so when the chance came to rectify it, she leapt for it immediately.

"I wish for Aki-sama and and Piggy to reconcile."

Just with that one sentence, she's whisked away to another world. A world without Aki-sama.

She stares down at the ground, sighing deeply.]

I wonder if things will really be okay like this...

[After all, regardless of the intentions behind the wish, she's essentially abandoned her duties.]

b | hunting

[A pitch-black, blob-like familiar wanders the streets of Nyoi-cho, carrying a piece of fruit in its hands. A few paces behind it, Yoshino can be seen, following it closely with a look of concentration on her face. In fact, she's so focused on that familiar that she doesn't notice you at all. When the familiar ducks under your legs, Yoshino blindly pursues it, crashing straight into you.

A look of mortification immediately comes onto her face.]

O-oh! I'm so sorry!

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