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just in case - spoilers for the last section of the game!


A two letter word with so much possibilities. Something Prompto had been thinking about since slipped off the roof of the train and ended up in the life he should've been spared from. If Noctis and the others show up, will they save him? If they save him, will they forgive him for all he'd never told them? And if they did... what then?

Imagine his surprise when things went right for once. When the doors swung open and there they were, helping him out of his restraints and being real and reaffirming everything about him was real. If they could pull this off, if they could get the Crystal and if they could get out and back to Insomnia then everything was finally going to be a-okay.

But if is a pretty big word for just being two letters. If is a coinflip, there's a fifty per cent chance of getting what you want and being left in the dust... and if he's being honest, he thinks maybe all of the luck they needed to get back problem-free was wasted on his rescue. The world isn't so kind.

So of course when a little creature shows up offering a miracle, he takes it. He doesn't even think that hard, all he knows is they need to get Noctis back and the words come unbidden. The wish is granted, he can never go home - but the world he leaves behind is safe. Prompto staggers into the new one, confused, bruised, and more than a little lost.

That's about when a fish comes flying through the window and slaps him in the face, bowling him over. Any pretenses of sulky, serious, Noct-esque brooding are thrown aside as he splutters, grabbing for the fish but finding it gone before he can even process what it was or where it came from. ]

"W-what the hell, man!?" He pushes himself up, ready to shout because all this pent up aggression needs some kind of out - but he stops short, staring at the man in the window dumbly.

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