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1. post with your characters
2. respond to other people's characters with your characters
3. they tell you in detail what their character thinks of your character, ic or ooc! tl;dr is enouraged. don't have much/any cr? respond anyway, make magic happen!
4. then you react if you want!
5. other people do the same thing to you! maybe you can harvest your tl;dr to use in a cr chart later!

(shamelessly stolen from other people)
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Better late then never

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From the day they met Azula has suspected that in her own world, Bonnie wouldn't be a bender, but rather would be the kind of warrior who didn't need bending to get the job done.

If she was less money minded and selfish she'd make a great Kyoshi warrior or a member of the Fire Nation army. But at the end of the day Azula can see her mercenary tendencies.

She has also noticed the subtle changes to Bonnie's attitude over the last year. The ups and downs and she relates it to her own struggles to grow as a person. Where she's had more luck in not making lasting enemies, Bonnie's efforts seem constantly scuttled by her rivalry with Lilith and her own stubborn determination to NOT change the parts of her she's proud of.

Example: Bonnie and Azula both feel like violence is usually the best solution and will argue in favor of violence when facing a boss.

Unfortunately they've been proven wrong enough times that they know this world doesn't always operate on the same logic they do.

At the end of the day, Azula thinks herself better then Bonnie. She sees Bonnie as a potential ally or tool if needed, and wouldn't want to make an enemy of her unless she was prepared to burn that bridge for a good long time. Girl holds a grudge.