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1. post with your characters
2. respond to other people's characters with your characters
3. they tell you in detail what their character thinks of your character, ic or ooc! tl;dr is enouraged. don't have much/any cr? respond anyway, make magic happen!
4. then you react if you want!
5. other people do the same thing to you! maybe you can harvest your tl;dr to use in a cr chart later!

(shamelessly stolen from other people)
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The way Bonnie operates is on common sense, or the thought that that means more than any matters relating to emotional matters. You have to keep your eyes on the prize, stay focused, and not let stupid emotional opinions get in the way of what you're meant to do. Problem being, almost everyone else she met has let their own personal agenda get in the way of business, or have left. Hence why she's both enjoying Kyouko's company, and waiting for the shoe to drop.

Kyouko, at least in Bonnie's mind, seems to be on the same wavelength. Everyone got mad at her for trying to make money off of the Happiness Theory game, and Kyouko instead offered her own opinion: just mug 'em. "Wannabe heroes" is par for the course in Nyoi-cho, given how often someone wants to claim the high road and yell at her. Morals are for bleeding hearts after all, and seeing someone who shares the same scruples as her warmed her heart, right before it got turned into a block of ice. Hell, Kyouko was the only other one besides her to not relent on the game, so she had to have some kind of sense in her.

Naturally, it still makes her wary. She wasn't sure of Kyouko's ability really, until she fought alongside her in Tsukudo-cho. Once again, using that sense: not wanting to use up her magic and not relenting to do whatever she wants with no explanation. It's her forgetting that not everyone's going to be easy to string along like Madoka, or be willing to make a deal like Shinoa. Even though she was barely able to feel any kind of emotion, she at least felt a bit of respect for Kyouko.

On one hand, B.B.'s glad to still have at least one ally in town. She's curbed the rest of them and she's sure anyone that she wasn't particularly fond of in the first place either already hated her or spoke to Lilith and now hated her. Kyouko seems to be on her side in some form or fashion, and that's good. It means someone to at some point, fight Nightmares with and someone she can trust with pertinent information. On the other hand, she has a terrible track record with allies. They either turn out to be too soft, or wind up disappearing. She doesn't know much about Kyouko personally, but that's fine by her. This arrangement is good enough.

Congrats, you're the only good one left in town.