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Love Meme

Love Meme

It's been awhile since our last Love Meme, don't you think? We could use some love in our lives right now~!

You know how this goes:
» Drop in a comment letting everyone know who you play
» Comment around and express your love for everyone! Get mushy!
» Stealing Magical Candies is optional, pon!
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[personal profile] loveedition 2016-11-13 05:55 am (UTC)(link)

I absolutely adore everything that you've been contributing to the game, you mod you. You put so much work into everything, between the events to the dungeon maps to the NPCs to even the player characters! You're untouchable on that route, and you've always been doing your best to keep us going in a hell of a great way.

Honestly, your CR plurks have always been hella fun to read, given that you put so much thought and effort into everything that you do, and you're able to tap right into the mindset of your characters as a whole. Seriously, I can always read up on how Dave's doing in game and where Kyouko's potentially headed, and even if it's uncertain, you always keep rolling with what's happening and it's fun to watch what's been going on with all of them.

It's been what, three years since my last "No really, this is my home game" game closed. Thank you so much for making this game so fun to be in the past year, you've been 110% instrumental in me enjoying RP again.