Apr. 28th, 2017

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Test Drive Meme


Arrival: So you've just arrived in Nyoi-Cho. Congratulations! You must be so excited about having your wish granted. Or maybe you're upset that the result wasn't quite what you expected? If that's the case, then that's too bad! There are no take backs and no redoes, so you're stuck with what you have. Maybe you should have been more careful about how you worded that wish...

There's no use in dwelling on it. You're a magi now, and that means adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. Get ready to hit the ground running.

Home Improvement: The houses that the magi are given access to really are something, aren't they? There's almost no limit to what they can do! Why don't you create the house of your dreams, or maybe recreate and relive your favorite childhood scenes? Invite some spectators over to marvel.

Practice makes Perfect: This magi stuff sure looked easier on TV. You don't understand your power and it's frustrating trying to use it in combat when you don't get it. Maybe it's time to just take some time to figure this out. Good thing none of the citizens can see you when you transform! Test out those new skills, cause a little mischief, or be the helping hand someone might need!

Fighting Evil by Moonlight: Things aren't as easy as they looked on TV. Nightmares are tough and there's real danger in there. There are victories... but, some are not as clear cut as others. Is today a successful attempt, or are you on your last legs standing up against an enemy far stronger than yourself? Do you forge on ahead, or do you retreat?

A Corrupted Soul Gem: You neglected to take care of your soul gem, and now you don't feel quite yourself anymore. You feel like you're losing your sense of self - all you seem to be able to focus on is your old regrets and past failures. What's happening to you?

A Dreadful Nightmare: You're wearing yourself down with all this fighting. Your mind is rife with insecurity and fear. As you drift off to sleep, your mind dwells on all the injustices you've had to endure. In response, your bed swallows you up, and your room shifts into a horrific Nightmarescape. What sort of Nightmare are you? What kind of Nightmarescape do you create? Hopefully your fellow magi can stop you before you hurt someone.

Birth of a Witch: You've just learned the terrible truth behind Witches, and it's staring you in the face - someone very close to you has succumbed to despair. In a burst of flame, their corrupted soul gem rearranges itself into a grief seed, completing their transformation.

Can you continue to fight on, knowing that this is the ultimate fate of all magi? Moreover, can you bring yourself to raise your weapon against a dear comrade whom you have been fighting alongside for so long?

Unending Night: Carrying out a magi's duties has never been easy. Although up until now you've successfully navigated your way through countless nightmarescapes and defeated countless foes, this time you might finally be outmatched.

Foe after foe stands before you. There's no end in sight. And with each attack you throw their way, your soul gem seems to grow ever dimmer...

A Cruel Choice: The Witch has fallen, and you've been awarded a grief seed for your valiant efforts. Just in time, too! Your soul gem is in desperate need of cleansing.

But as you look around you, you realize that you're not the only one whose soul gem is in bad shape. There's absolutely no way you can take care of more than one soul gem with just one grief seed. What will you do?

In Fugue: Someone very dear to you has been acting off lately. They spend just a little too much time with the natives of Nyoi-cho, and they seem to resemble themselves less with each passing day. They even seem to be forgetting bits and pieces of their own past, and simple questions on your part lead to them spitting out the same eerie pre-programmed responses that you've grown so accustomed to hearing from the locals.

It's clear that they're being assimilated into the town. You wonder how long it'll be before they cease to recognize you completely and the person you once knew them as simply no longer exists.

Isn't there a way to slow down or reverse the process at all?

Wildcard: Feel free to use any information from the FAQ or the World Info page to make your own prompt!