Apr. 23rd, 2016

cyclicalconcept: (not an awesome argument guys)
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- Tag the meme, leaving your character name, fandom, CRAU/AU info or whatever, and any appropriate preferences or un-preferences in the subject line. Remember, history's written by you so you get to do whatever you want with it and stuff.
- At least until the story leaves your hands. Oops. Everyone who tags in after is now narrating your character's story, or an event your character was a part of, as you go through it. Except they are super drunk. Even people who can't get drunk are acting super drunk. So your character's dialogue is going to sound hella drunk even if they actually aren't. It will be very confusing.
- Play out the results! All the drunken, incoherent, giggling, non-sequitur results.
- Have fun, but respect the preferences of others.
- Make sure to tag potential triggers appropriately!
- Cheers. *clink*