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Handwaved CR Meme

Handwaved CR Meme

Now, sometimes you can't thread out every single interaction your character has with someone; we're only human, and there's only so much time in the day! But that doesn't mean friendships can't be made, or broken, only within the public eye. Use this to take the opportunity to talk about the mundane things your characters do with each other, and deepen those bonds.


» Post with your characters!
» Go around to other characters, and hash out the things they may do off-screen together.
» For instance... Did you know that Kagaku was so excited for the release of a Cutie Pure video game, she didn't sleep until she beat it? The game was a 60 hour RPG! Poor Michiyo had to continue setting up shop all by herself.
» Have fun, and get all that handwaved CR!

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