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The TL;DR CR Meme

1. Post a top-level for yourself and your characters
2. People respond to you by asking for the deets on how your character feels about theirs
3. You give the deets, then you get other people to give the deets
4. It's just that simple
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all three on dirkleton
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So far Luci isn't entirely sure what to make of Dirk. He seems a competent enough leader when he has to take charge, and he can appreciate his desire to instill discipline into the other magi here, which is something they severely lack.

Lucifer is, however, cautious about anyone who would want to be that controlling. He'll definitely be keeping an eye on Dirk, because he doesn't trust that kind of mindset.

Anyway, now that the small fry are done, let's get on to the opinion of the big enchilada.
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Much like Dirk is of him, Bro isn't entirely certain what he thinks of his little doppelganger here. Unlike Dirk, Bro hasn't had any experience in actually talking with alternate versions of himself. It's an entirely new experience for him. He's damn sure he doesn't like it.

Mostly he doesn't like it because it forces him to look at a younger and, in his opinion, more naive version of himself. He hates seeing a version of him that doesn't understand yet how impossible and pointless it is to try and corral most people, that they aren't worth the time or the effort of the whole ordeal. When you spin your webs, little man, spin them small and for a singular person or reason. It makes him self-conscious because it reminds him of something he's long past. But it also reminds him there was a point he gave a shit about people.

That being said, he's still definitely going to keep an eye on Dirk.

Part of it is because in a way he wants to help Dirk. Dirk doesn't understand the downfall he's headed towards if he keeps giving a fuck about other people. He needs to learn this lesson quicker than Bro himself did because if he does maybe, just maybe he might actually be better adjusted than Bro. In a weird way, Bro DOES want to guide and 'help' Dirk in a way that he thinks would be beneficial to him. It isn't really, of course, but it's what Bro knows.

The other part sees Dirk as a proxy for him in trying to protect his interests in town without having to move too openly. Dirk is more open to people than him and others are more receptive of him. Considering Dirk seems to be bending so well to Bro's manipulation, he thinks it could be worthwhile to try and push Dirk in the direction he wants things to go. And if Dirk resists, well. That's fine. He doesn't have to do everything but Dirk has provided enough ammo for Bro that Bro is kind of surprised he was given such an edge in this competition.

He was really flabbergasted Dirk asked him to help spy on/gather info on people. Not because he's against doing it, but he's amazed Dirk would hold out a sword like that for Bro to just take and run him through with if it ever called for it on Bro's end.

You're in for a bumpy ride on the Bro express, my man.
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