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The TL;DR CR Meme

1. Post a top-level for yourself and your characters
2. People respond to you by asking for the deets on how your character feels about theirs
3. You give the deets, then you get other people to give the deets
4. It's just that simple
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re: Pokey

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One of the things Bonnie hates more than anything is to be told what to do or how to do it by someone who she isn't under contract to, or isn't being paid a single dime by. Pokey's always come across as someone who knows way too much about everything, and she felt like he was flaunting that every time she came across his big dumb face. In the way she usually does, she treated him like the others: a nuisance who she could run circles around as a Nightmare Hunter, but harmless in the long run. Worth taunting in the way that she does.

Then, of course, in August. Pokey completely summed up everything she hated about Lilith at the time by calling her the monster, as she hadn't even killed anyone yet. Even before she killed anyone and after Lilith killed two of them, she was the monster due to how happy she was to play the game, and how little she cared about getting along with anyone else. While she was trying to get over it after their fight, everything he said started to push those bitter feelings right back up, which is why those words rang out the loudest when she came back after Lilith killed her. If she was a monster in their eyes, she'd become an actual monster when it came down to it.

Though his advice was accurate, she didn't want to hear any of it, and after murdering him in August, she saw him as just another one of the pathetic pacifists who didn't want to kill her in return when it came down to it. Just another reason for her to leave Nyoi-cho and never come back. By the time that she came back Pokey was gone, so surprise! She completely forgot about him until his return.

By that point she had already dealt with Lilith and was back on top, so it regressed back until recently. She thinks he's stupid for how he dealt with the dungeon business, but given all of the other reactions to it and the fact that she herself created a Witch and was already hated before then, she didn't feel like fighting him or getting him killed would be worth it. At worst, getting rid of Miki and Hoshiko's grief seeds would be punishment enough, along with being kept on a tighter leash.

She doesn't really like him. But truth be told, that knowledge that he has is invaluable and he's a guy who's willing to figure his shit out on his own time and hopefully not dwell on petty shit in the middle of a massive fight. She's willing to work with him, and given where she's going after the boss battle, may even let him know how she's tried to bounce back and tried to get to where she is now. Whether or not he'll like the answer, that's on him.


Ryoko on the other hand, always thought Pokey wasn't all that bad. Sure, he could be a little crass and seemed to be a bit of a delinquent at times-- underage smoking, how evil-- but he seemed to always have the best intentions at heart. He was always nice to her, and more importantly, even though it wasn't direct: he knew Yuki, and fought in Mayfield alongside, somewhat. Two different groups sure (and not even the same Yuki), but they still fought to the same goal. How could she hate him?

Every event that went by gave Ryoko reason to believe he's not nearly as good as he says he is, considering how quick he is to be a downright shit to her. But truth be told, she always chalked it up to just that: that it was some kind of magic event nonsense going on and that it'd be alright. He was just under some kind of bad influence. He was smart enough to know that, and she just needed to make sure she remembered that herself.

That just made the dungeon that much more horrible for her. Knowing that someone who seemed to have somewhat decent judgment and could see any of this coming would continue on, not protesting at all once Sachiko told them not to go and Mettaton tried to continue. She wanted to believe so strongly that he wound up down there under protest and he was trying to take the heat because that's who he is, but the story he told just made her angrier.

She's not really over it. She doesn't hate Pokey, not in the slightest, but she's not happy that this is what he's done. She really does hope that he remembers that he's not fighting to keep himself safe, but literally everyone else, and if he can do that, then maybe she'll trust him again.