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The TL;DR CR Meme

1. Post a top-level for yourself and your characters
2. People respond to you by asking for the deets on how your character feels about theirs
3. You give the deets, then you get other people to give the deets
4. It's just that simple
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you worried about your bro, bro? :(

Also, Oso on Ryoko as well!
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ew no.

okay, that's a lie. Osomatsu has been worried about Karamatsu every single day they've been here. he never knows when a battle is going to pop up and take him, or his brother away, even if it's just for a few days. he feels neither of them belong here. they aren't heroes. they're soft! they tell jokes! how are they supposed to be Magi?

nevertheless, there's something cool about it being just the two of them in this world. he loves the bonding time they've had together. he wants there to be more of that and less fighting. and he wants them to succeed. he thinks that at least Karamatsu deserves to be happy. Karamatsu's a good guy, a little stupid, but better than the rest of them. so Oso'll do his best to protect him, while still treating him like shit. maybe that's Osomatsu's way of trying to toughen him up? or maybe he's just an ass.

Karamatsu is essentially Osomatsu's twin, so there's a strong bond there. Osomatsu would do anything to ensure that Karamatsu lives. he'd put himself in harm's way for him. bros before hos, dude, all the way.


Wow. where to start? first and foremost, Osomatsu probably respects Ryoko the most out of everyone. she's young, but she's been a Magi for a long time, and bad things keep happening to her! when he watches Ryoko out on the battlefield, those big brother senses kick in, and he just wants to protect her, but also follow her to the end. if Ryoko told Osomatsu to do something, he'd trust her judgment and do it.

he thinks she is too pure for this world, but also knows that she's obviously seen some shit. she's watched her friends die, maybe has even died herself? he doesn't know for sure. he just senses a sadness around her, something tragic, and he thinks that's because of what she's seen and done in this world. she shouldn't be dealing with that! she's a young woman who probably wouldn't give him the time of day in the real world. she should be going to parties, hanging out with friends, having fun.

instead Ryoko seems so sad and serious. he doesn't mind relinquishing the title of leader to her, but he also wants to cheer her up somehow!