relieable: (that's gotta count for something)
松野おそ松 || Matsuno Osomatsu ([personal profile] relieable) wrote in [community profile] souljammed 2017-04-17 02:20 am (UTC)

they didn't talk for very long, but Osomatsu really likes Bro! he thinks the big puppet is creepy, but he can appreciate the bit. that's obviously Bro's Thing, and that's fine! there's just this wicked cool vibe radiating off of him, and Osomatsu's thinking, 'Wow, just talking to this man makes me feel important!'

......he's so wrong. about everything. but then, when you're a loser like Osomatsu, everyone else is cool.

Bro is another one of those people who, if he commanded Osomatsu to do something on the battlefield, Osomatsu would do it (i mean, within reason. Bro seems like the type of guy who would play a joke on someone who showed him fierce loyalty). he respects him, but is also a bit wary of him. the guy could crush him if he wanted to. so Osomatsu hopes to stay on his good side, and avoid any puppet-attacks.

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