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Horror Movie AU Meme


1. post a comment with your character. either blank, with a starting prompt, or preferences.
2. tag someone and roll for a prompt.
3. try not to die!

warnings for gore, sexual content, death and violence.

1. halloween.
There's a killer on the loose in your sleepy town; a monster in a mask that waits in the shadows, stalking a single target. People are dying all around you - the only question is... are you the victim, or are you the killer?

2. carrie.
The classic tale of the high school outcast. While you've never fit in, you know it's not just because of a strange upbringing or differing interests. No, there's something more to you. Though you try to fit in you've never managed it and have accepted your status at the bottom of the barrel.

3. the ring.
You didn't question it when the movie arrived in the mail, suspecting it to be a long lost relative's gift to your mother. You really don't think anything of it at all, until suddenly people are dying. You don't want to watch, you're positive you shouldn't - but you do.

Then seven days is all you have.

4. hellraiser.
You've found a puzzle-box and solved its riddle - and now you're in another dimension where denizens of hell wearing leather and carrying S & M gear want to give you pleasure by literally tearing you apart. Welcome to Hell.

5. saw.
Your sins are coming back to haunt you. You've hurt someone, be it by your ignorance, selfishness or by far more drastic means, and someone has taken notice. Suddenly you're in a trap fitted just for you, suited to your heinous crimes - there's only one way out.

You've got to play a little game.

6. the shining
Out in the wilderness in the most beautiful, extravagant place you've ever seen, but without modern conveniences, only your own thoughts and each other's company. The hotel is a labyrinth. Chairs seem to move without being touched, blood appears on the walls and corpses in the rooms. You're stressed, they're stressed - you fear that soon you will both be insane.

7. 28 days later.
These aren't zombies. Zombies are slow, zombies are killable - these are Infected. They're fast and they're hungry. There's no chance to reason with them. You just need to run, lay low, hope that no one will find you and that you can avoid infection yourself.

Be mindful of the people around you. You never know who is a carrier and who isn't.

8. jennifer's body.
You were murdered for "the greater good". Shame the people who did it didn't read up on their Satanic rituals. You've come back. Maybe better than ever... but wrong. You can't stop the cravings. You want it, you need it. And you're going to get it.

9. poltergeist.
A new home, a fresh start. When things begin to go wrong you don't think too much of it, not until things start to get violent. Be careful how you proceed.

10. rosemary's baby. (option b: the omen)
a baby should be a bundle of joy and you've been wanting to start a family for some time... but things aren't quite right. the neighbors are eerily interested in your bundle of joy, you've been having weird dreams and alarming cravings - something just isn't right.

11. let the right one in.
You've never had a friend before. Your new neighbor says that is what you are, and who are you to question them? They're a little strange, they speak as if they're much older than they are - but you like them, and they like you. You can ignore the bloodstains on their lips and the haunted look in their eyes if it means having a friend.

12. a nightmare on elm street.
Don't sleep. Don't doze. Don't even daydream. You're paying for your parent's justice and in dreams, no one can hear you scream. You'd best hope you can band against the nightmares together because if you can't, your worst nightmare may just be your list.

13. the thing.
It could be any one of you. You don't know what it is or how it got here, but it's capable of taking your form and pretending to be yours. Pay close attention to their clothes, to the way they speak, don't share drinks - keep close and never, ever let go of that flamethrower.

14. silence of the lambs.
There's a killer on the loose and your only solution is to consult another, far more sinister monster. You don't trust them, they're fascinated with you. This can't end well.

15. alien.
Face huggers, chest bursters and xenomorphs. You need to run before they make you their next host.

16. jaws.
Killer sealife is terrorizing your coastal town. The reward for killing the monster is great, but if you value your life you won't go near that water.

17. the exorcist.
Demonic possessions and those who solve them. Keep your rosaries close and be mindful of flying green vomit.

18. misery.
You've been badly hurt. Someone has been kind enough to take you into your home and nurse you back to health - you think. You're not getting much better, and they don't seem too keen on letting you call your family to let them know where you are.

19. pet semetary.
Someone you love has died. A child, a spouse, a close friend maybe. You're awash with grief before you realize that you have the answer. Go to where the ground has soured, bury them amongst the rocks and return to your home and your friends.

Soon, everything will be well.

20. blair witch project.
All you wanted to do was make a documentary about an urban legend. That's all you wanted to do. Now your group is going missing. You can't find your way out of the forest, and you're being stalked by a monster.

21. psycho.
You don't feel safe here. You don't trust the charismatic owner, yet you can't place your finger on why. Be mindful of that shower.

22. cabin in the woods.
Four friends go on a camping trip. Good friends, good booze, and some good bud will get you through the lengthy spring break. But as you head into the basement you notice something eerie, masks and other odd, assorted knicknacks that have no place in a family home.

What will you pick?

23. ginger snaps.
A beast bit you. Something big, something hairy. Bigger than a bear and twice as aggressive. now you're not yourself - you're more confident, more attractive, more assertive. But you're slowly losing yourself. you start to sprout fur, your eyes change color, suddenly everyone you care about looks more like a snack than a close, concerned friend. Can you find a cure for the beast within?

24. cabin fever.
Something's wrong with the water. the animals are acting strange. they're sick - their fur is coming off. your friends seem to be sick too, covered in sores and oozing blood from every orifice. You need to get help. You need to get the hell out of here before you catch it too. Did you drink from the canteen too? You just can't remember.

25. final destination.
You and the person who tags you have cheated death. For now. Death has a way of finding everyone when it comes time, and your number is up. Suddenly, everything and everyone is a potential threat. How do you beat the inevitable?

26. creepy.
You've just moved into a new neighborhood, and one of your neighbors seems a little strange. At first, they're bad-tempered and volatile; they misinterpret innocent questions on your part as prying, intrusive ones, and they explode angrily at you for seemingly no reason. However, as time passes, they quickly warm up to you and turn into the most congenial neighbor. In fact, they might be a little too friendly - they're always coming over to your place unannounced, or inviting you over to theirs while refusing to take no for an answer. They're charming, but there's something unsettling about their behavior, too.

And what's this you're hearing on the news about a string of unsolved disappearances and identity thefts?

27. cure (side a).
News of a bizarre series of murders, all committed by different people, is taking the nation by storm. All the victims are killed in the same way - by the gruesome "X" that's carved into their throats - but the murderers themselves have nothing linking them, no motive for murdering, nothing to explain their strange crimes.

...Save for a single person, who met with each of them shortly before they committed their inexplicable murders.

Sometime after you meet them for yourself, you come to the realization that they are a hypnotist, and that you alone seem to be strangely resistant to their hypnotic techniques.

No matter, though. Now they've taken an interest in you, and they've other tricks at their disposal.

28. cure (side b).
You're in a committed relationship with someone, but things haven't been so great lately. You've tried to take care of them and stay by their side, but your patience has been stretched to its thinnest point; they're not the person they used to be. They've become completely dependent on you, and there's no trace of the self-sufficiency they used to have.

You've begun to have idle visions of them dying a violent death.

29. ju-on.
You've entered a place you shouldn't have. A gruesome murder was once committed here, and the grudge of the wronged still clings to this place - they're out for revenge, and their suffering and fury has blinded them to the point where they no longer care whom they're getting it on.

Now that they've set their sights on you, it doesn't matter how far you try to run. They'll chase you until they finally have you in their grasp, and when they do, they'll make you suffer a fate even worse than theirs.

30. grotesque.
You and someone very dear to you have been kidnapped by a madman with a very particular proclivity. He promises to let one of you go, but only if you can move him with the strength of your bond: if one of you willingly subjects themselves to humiliating, arduous, and painful activities for the sake of the other, the other will be saved.

How far are you willing to go? And can you really trust the words of this madman?

31. tomie.
You've fallen in love.

The subject of your infatuation, though, isn't exactly what one might expect. They respond enthusiastically to your advances one minute, then coldly spurn them the next. They're cruel and controlling, and to top it all off, they're highly jealous and manipulative as well. If anyone else occupies your attention, they might even try to talk you into killing that person.

You're crazy about them. You feel like you'll lose your mind if you can't be with them, but... Can you really continue to grant all of their increasingly unreasonable demands?

32. pulse.
You've gotten a glimpse of the existences that ghosts lead, and it's a terrifyingly lonely, meaningless one. The sight has irrevocably changed you, siphoning your motivations and willpower from your body. Now that you know what awaits you when you die, everything seems so bleak and pointless. Worse yet, there are others around you who've seen the things you did, and all of them faded away into black stains in the ground once they lost all hope and succumbed to their brokenheartedness.

Everyone you care about is gone. Entire cities of people have become desolate overnight. There's just one glimmering source of hope, though: you've met another survivor, and now they're the only one stopping you from being truly alone. If you try to eke out a new life with them, can you stop each other from falling into despair?

33. cube.
You wake up in a strange place - a massive structure, divided up into small cubes. Some of the cubes are safe to pass through. Some contain deadly traps that must first be successfully disarmed. It seems that there are rules this place operates on; certain rooms will always contain traps, and certain rooms will always be safe.

A stranger is with you, and it seems that they've a particular talent that may be able to aid you. With your combined skills, will you be able to figure this out and escape?

34. doppelganger.
You've met your perfect counterpart. At first, you take to each other immediately; it's nice to have someone around who can balance you out completely. If you're too timid, they're bold and take-charge. If you're afraid to speak your mind, they do it for you. As time passes, though, you come to the horrifying realization that you're quickly being replaced.

Everyone is charmed by them - more charmed by them than they are of you. Everyone enjoys their company more, and soon, they no longer think of you.

What can you do to reclaim your place?

35. the king's game.
You've been summoned to a classroom by a sender only identifying themselves as "the King." When you arrive, you see that you are not alone. A set of rules greets you all.

1. All students in the class shall participate.
2. After receiving an order from the King, the order must be completed within 24 hours.
3. People who do not complete their order shall be punished.
4. Withdrawing from the game is not allowed.

As orders are given out - and soon afterwards punishments for those who refuse to carry them out - you realize that your life is on the line. How far are you willing to go in in order to survive?

36. the wailing.
A strange plague is afflicting your village. Those who fall ill physically and mentally deteriorate at a rapid pace and are driven to acts of murderous violence. Rumors spread that someone is practicing witchcraft, placing a curse on this village.

In desperation, the villagers have begun to point fingers at each other; perhaps you're one of them, or perhaps you're just one of the unfortunate accused.

XX. wildcard! make your own!
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Gary Smith | Bully

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[It comes as an annoyance at first. There he was, on the brink of absolute victory; the school under his control, the cliques tearing each other apart, Jimmy expelled... And while Jimmy had proven worrisome at points, Gary is amazed at how easily everything came together in the end. How quickly he'd managed to oust Jimmy's throne out from under him.

Jimmy Hopkins truly was a complete and utter moron; all he had to do was plant an idea in Derby's head: convince Jimmy to draw major attention to himself with a misdeed that makes his expulsion inevitable. He'd expected Jimmy might have taken convincing, or even flat out refused, but to think he'd agree to it immediately...

It's laughable.

As a result, he's more than a little irritated when he's thrown into another place before he's gotten to even truly enjoy the fruits of his labor. Being deprived of his chance to gloat in Jimmy's face? That's even more irritating.

Time spent in this town, though, quickly makes him realize something that immediately piques his attention: the people of this town know him. Many of them addressed him fondly, the way they might address a good friend. He looks into it - collects information incessantly - and while most of them are almost disturbingly clueless, he's managed to learn a few things.

One of those things makes him end up at his other self's doorstep, peering at a gem inlaid into the door with scrutiny.]
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[Some days Gary needed to stay away from everyone in town. A year ago he would refuse to give in to the pressure that this place could put on a person. But after spending so much time playing this aggravating game of being tossed into different worlds with annoying people it was harder and harder to ignore the fact that even he was overwhelmed. Some days...the thought of going out and facing whatever Nyoi-cho had to throw at him, trying to maintain a certain level of "peace" among these idiots...it made him feel physically ill. Today was one of those days.

Which is why every time his phone went off with a text or call he groaned and moved it to the other side of the room. Eventually he just put the stupid thing on silent. If there was an emergency or a Witch then fuck it, let everyone else deal with it.

That's how he spent his day.

And then, as if the stars aligned in just the right way to make everything infinitely more complicated, when he opened the door to his house he was faced with a mirror. Except no, that's not a mirror someone saw fit to put in front of his door. That's him. Himself. Gary Smith. The one and apparently not only, standing before him. Immediately he's not sure how he should be feeling about this. Surely there are worse people who could have shown up from Bullworth - one of the worst did, even - but...

Gary scrutinizes his other self as if he would notice something discernibly different. Something that would point to this guy not being "Gary Smith" but some jackass from another universe that just happens to share his face. But no, nothing so different. The school uniform debunks that theory anyhow, doesn't it? The only physical difference between the two is that he himself probably looks like absolute hell.

This might explain why his phone was blowing up more than usual.]

Huh. Interesting.
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[Naturally, the moment he'd been pointed to an actual, physical house the he supposedly lived in, he was forced to consider the possibility that, somehow or other, there was another him living in this town. Nonetheless, he hadn't actually believed it could be true - not until the door suddenly opens and he finds himself face-to-face with his own visage.

His eyes travel up and down as he gives his double a once-over, and then, noticing the disarray the other Gary is in, an airy little laugh escapes his lips.]

What happened to you?

[He isn't sure exactly if it's a laugh of amusement, anger, or even scorn. His brain is still trying to catch up to all the new circumstances that have suddenly been thrown at him, assessing what to make of this situation.

He isn't sure yet if he should be angry about seeing himself look so out-of-sorts, or if he should just take it as a funny joke; proof that the real Gary Smith was inimitable and any poor impostor who tried to be him would never be able to live up to the real deal.]
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[And then he spoke. That just reaffirms that he isn't going crazy...that he hasn't cracked yet. Which is good, because he would hate to prove every idiot who ever thought something was wrong with him right. On the other hand, this is himself, and he's laughing.

Gary pushes back the scowl that is fighting so hard to make its way to his features. Instead there's a twitch of his lips before he squares his shoulders and pulls the door closed behind him, stepping outside and semi circling his double. When he stops he crosses his arms and snorts derisively. Of course, for a while he looked back and reflected on his changes and reacted much the same. It's not something he's fully at peace with but he's grown to accept that things just weren't the same anymore. This Gary...to come here, fresh meat, and laugh...]

Nyoi-cho happened. [He actually manages a smirk, shaking his head lightly as an adult would do to a child who didn't know any better.] But I guess you'll learn all of that for yourself, soon enough.
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[Well, he's got the voice down pat, Gary'll give him that. If he didn't know any better, though, he might think... why, that was condescension being leveled his way! Perish the thought.

With a smirk of his own, he carefully effuses the image of someone who's unbothered and entirely in his element.]

Care to elaborate on that?

[With a measured pause, he adds:] I heard some pretty interesting things from some morons who thought they were talking to you.

[He watches the other Gary's face closely as he says it, prepared to scrutinize any reaction - any discomfort or, more unthinkable even, fear - that might appear in response. Depending on how this goes, he'll know there are things his double isn't keen on him hearing from the others.]
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[Gary doesn't necessarily look bothered but that smirk of his dies down, and he instantly hates himself for it. He goes through his head all the people he might have talked to, but really it doesn't matter. What matters is that he has information on him now. Granted, Gary knows himself, and that's an advantage, but he could have had even more of an upper hand had this duplicate come in unaware of himself. He was different. More tired, irritable, fed up, but he knew the workings of this place and the people here. He knew how fighting nightmares worked. He was better. And to think people were unknowingly feeding information to an impostor.

He raises a brow to look more curious than anything.]

I find it hard to believe you could have heard anything interesting from anyone here.
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[He lets another laugh escape him, making sure that's the only thing the other Gary gets for a few long moments.

If the prospect of Gary being worried about anything that he might have heard is there, he'll maximize his chances of revealing it by stretching out the silence; let him wonder what the laughter is about. Let the suspicions - the possibilities - consume his mind.

He moves his wrist in a small cyclical motion.]

Oh, you'd be surprised.

[Another deliberate pause, before he leans in slightly.]

There was one who was very chatty. Actually, I'd say he didn't know when to shut up.
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The anger didn't just slowly creep up when Gary spoke. It busted through the wall of calm he had been trying to build up in this conversation like Russell after you talked crap about his mother. It's a miracle when the only indication Gary gives that this is a bother is the very small but sharp inhale and the straightening of his posture. But he already knows that was enough of a tell. He already knows Gary is watching him, waiting for a reaction. He knows this because it's the exact same thing he does, of course.

Seconds later his even face forms a smirk, and before he knows it a light laughter is bubbling out of him. Of course it was Dave. Of course it was Dave. The one person Gary - for reasons he still doesn't understand - has ever bothered to open up to. Of course Gary would zero right in on him. Who wouldn't? Getting Dave to talk is as easy as getting wet in the ocean.]

I wouldn't take anything he has to say seriously, if I were you.
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[Well, that was easier than he thought it'd be. The smirk on his face widens into a grin as he watches his double's reaction, and this time, there's definitely something akin to scorn bubbling beneath the veneer of his calm; how dare this impostor wearing his face be so pathetically obvious?

Actually, it's interesting that such a vague description is able to immediately conjure a specific person to his double's mind. "I wouldn't take anything he has to say seriously"? Oh, on the contrary, now Gary thinks that he'll have to pay extra attention to anything that comes out of his mouth.]

Well, I'm sure a lot of useless garbage comes out of his mouth - he doesn't seem to have much of a filter - but he has to say something useful once in a while, doesn't he?

[His tone is nonchalant, casual.]

That's why you bother with him, isn't it?

[And here he's bullshitting - he doesn't know what the relationship between them is like, of course. Whether or not it was one of begrudging tolerance on Gary's part. Whether or not Gary even really gave him the time of day - but he has to be inclined to think this guy has something on Gary for him to react the way that he did.]
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[That's why you bother with him, isn't it?

While Gary would never go back to Bullworth knowing what he knows, one of the reasons he hates this place is because it's forcing him to understand why someone like Hopkins would resort to simply punching someone in the face as a means of shutting them up. Because right now, he feels like he would get a decent amount of satisfaction from it. Would it solve all his problems? No. Would it make things worse? Probably. You piss off Gary Smith, you will rest assuredly pay. But that little bit of satisfaction he would get from seeing him(self? No, this faux-Smith) doubled over in pain is almost worth it. Besides, it's not like any memory he'd see as a result would be new to him.

But he refrains. He wouldn't stoop so low. Not right now. No, not ever. He knows that would only give Gary the satisfaction of knowing he got under his skin. He's given him enough of that already. He has to stop giving him things to work with.

So when he finally answers, he shrugs nonchalantly. His tone isn't as casual, but he's losing that tenseness to it.]

What makes you think I bother with him at all?