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[It comes as an annoyance at first. There he was, on the brink of absolute victory; the school under his control, the cliques tearing each other apart, Jimmy expelled... And while Jimmy had proven worrisome at points, Gary is amazed at how easily everything came together in the end. How quickly he'd managed to oust Jimmy's throne out from under him.

Jimmy Hopkins truly was a complete and utter moron; all he had to do was plant an idea in Derby's head: convince Jimmy to draw major attention to himself with a misdeed that makes his expulsion inevitable. He'd expected Jimmy might have taken convincing, or even flat out refused, but to think he'd agree to it immediately...

It's laughable.

As a result, he's more than a little irritated when he's thrown into another place before he's gotten to even truly enjoy the fruits of his labor. Being deprived of his chance to gloat in Jimmy's face? That's even more irritating.

Time spent in this town, though, quickly makes him realize something that immediately piques his attention: the people of this town know him. Many of them addressed him fondly, the way they might address a good friend. He looks into it - collects information incessantly - and while most of them are almost disturbingly clueless, he's managed to learn a few things.

One of those things makes him end up at his other self's doorstep, peering at a gem inlaid into the door with scrutiny.]

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