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Jun. 21st, 2017 12:40 pm
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Character Name: Madoka Kaname, Rohan Kishibe
Reward Cost: Buildings, 80 coins.

Activity: # COINS FOR --MONTH--(Link us to the frozen permanent activity comment/s featuring the coins you would like to redeem)

Request: Hoo boy. This is gonna be a long one, so let's summarize it basically first: Madoka and Rohan are requesting an extradimensional space/building for their new Church of Fog.

The way it works is this: trapdoors are laid out in varying locations. All these trap doors open to lead to nothing normally; just a thin layer of dirt over the floor of the place. However, if a Dyster key is used to open it - or some other token of approval, given out once a person has been granted access to the place - the trapdoor instead opens into the extradimensional space. All outside trapdoors lead to the same entrance area; I assume that travel between areas like this would be discouraged, so you can only exit via the trapdoor you came in from. There are no windows or ways to get to the outside world, although it IS breathable inside.

The inside building is bizarre: think one half mason lodge, one half red room, and an extra half high-end club. It is mostly unfurnished to begin with, and separated into a few separate rooms. The largest is the "church" itself, a wide open space with a raised dais/circular platform in the center for preachers/sacrifices/dancing/whoever might be the center of attention.

The other rooms are mostly unfurnished, but they include:

-A small room to use as an office between Rohan and Madoka, and to conduct Fog Business and meetings inside;
-A slightly larger (though still cozy) room with an open bar; the bar replenishes itself, ideally, since that's sick as hell (though you obviously can't take anything out of the church);
-A small room which can be entered both from the office and from the bar; this acts as a confessional, and will be outfitted appropriately.

Initially, only Fog followers would be able to access this; however, I would like it if they could take at least other monsters in with them. If a person was deemed acceptable by the other fog followers, non-followers could take some sort of talisman which would let them use the trapdoors appropriately.

Finally, I'd LOVE if humans could also come in / worship / die in this manner, in order to make the place feel more alive from an NPC standpoint! However, if there's a concern about humans accessing a place like this, I'd suggest using the residents of Dyster instead. They could probably use a place to let down their hair, after all.

Backfire? The dais comes with a strip pole preinstalled. (It's removable.)
Quest? They install a trap door, line it with dirt from Dyster, and drop a seed Mana gives them for each trap door installed. Also, they have to crack an egg on it. After 24 hours, it leads into the building.

Points post for We The Lost

Jun. 17th, 2017 10:36 am
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Opt out post for Sayo Yasuda

Jun. 9th, 2017 06:51 pm
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Now that she has her memories back, Sayo is going to be a big ball of issues including stuff like gender identity issues, murder, unrequited love, and spoilers for literally all of Umineko. So post here if you'd rather not deal with that stuff.