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App This Please / Enable Me

Reserves and applications are always open. Applications are processed on weekends.

Are there any castmates or crosscanon CR you'd be dying to have? Are you stuck between multiple potential characters and unable to figure out which one would be the best fit for the game? Then this is the meme for you!

This will also serve as our call for the Enable Me Please community ad!

» Write "Enable Me" or "App This Please" in your comment header.
» Comment to the "Enable Me Please" header with the characters/canons you want us to advertise for on the comm!
» Comment with either a list of characters you would like to see, or a list of characters you are considering!
» Comment around.
» Make dreams come true!
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What is Darkstalkers? A fighting game franchise that Capcom is determined to leave in the grave, featuring all sorts of ghosts and goblins alongside those who want to kill them! The animation is gorgeous and the spin-offs are numerous, and chances are you're at least somewhat familiar with Morrigan or Felicia. We've already got, as you all probably know, Lilith and Bonnie, but who is it we'd be interested in?

Felicia - A Darkstalker who was raised by some very kind human nuns, Felicia is a bubbly young lady who wants to become an idol and show the world that not all Darkstalkers are evil! She may be a little weird, but she does her best to spread her message. Felicia would be amazing in game because unlike Lilith and Bonnie, she sees things with a lot more grey: some humans are bad, and some Darkstalkers are good! Moral dilemmas ahoy!

Jedah Dohma - Resident Edgelord and the main villain of Darkstalkers 3, Jedah Dohma is Lilith's entire reason for existing as anything but a soul. He's rotten to the core and wants to destroy the world to create his own, perfect world consisting of only the darkest of souls, and has some very particular methods of cleaning as well...? Needless to say, even if Lilith thinks he's a stuffy loser she is indebted to him, so his appearance in Nyoi-cho would wreck havoc in the best of ways.

Morrigan Aensland - Big sis succubus and the picture woman of Darkstalkers, Morrigan is obnoxious. She's an incredibly powerful woman with a throne she doesn't want because she'd much rather spend her time enjoying the human world. If you thought Lilith was annoying when she's cocky, wait until you see Morrigan. Morrigan would be a hilarious addition to Nyoi-cho and flip the tense "peace" on its head with her fickle, obnoxious attitude.

Jon Talbain - A human with the heart of a monster, Jon is your typical werewolf's dilemma. He's unsure of what to think of his loss of humanity, but at the same time wants to believe he can overcome it. To no surprise, he isn't exactly able to control the monster within him, and is constantly struggling with where he fits. Also he doesn't like to wear shirts. He is pretty obviously Bonnie's fated enemy, so while I would love him for his internal struggle... Bonnie would love him for his internal organs.

Banana? - Seriously, we would love to see ANY Darkstalker in game. They're all really awesome, and if you have any questions on the characters, the game, the canon... let us know! Chase has a near encyclopedic knowledge of the series, so we can definitely help out with getting into the series!
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literally I can hook you up with icons or any thing you wanna know about darkstalkers come and join us