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Enable Me Sure Why Not

Hi what's up nerds I want you to enable me to play my OC, Bro Strider.

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This is Bro, and while I know it's usually not kosher to app yourself into a game, I thought I might give it a try to cause suffering among our mods in retribution. Technically he's a dude from this webcomic called Homestuck and who gives the impression of being a slick, cool internet savvy dude who is actually an insecure manchild terrified about raising his bro right in the most emotionally manipulative way possible because his bro is his legacy. But really it's just me.

I am also thinking of apping a sweet cinnamon roll that happens to be a dragon.

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This package of joy is Mikhail from Drakengard 3. He is a baby dragon and he is neither stinky, dirty, or dumb. He loves friendship, singing songs, believing in the power that problems can be talked out, and hanging with his good friend Dito. He is entirely absent of hate and prejudice, except towards wyverns. Dirty, dumb wyverns who are taking dragon jobs.

These are the two front runners I'm thinking of. Here's a dark horse.

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This is Rando from the game Lisa the Painful RPG/Lisa the Joyful. Rando is one of the most prominent warlords in a bitter, war torn apocalypse. Unlike most of the assholes who live in the horrible ass world he lives in, Rando has a strong sense of justice and a desire for peace. He kind of helps invoke this by being one of the strongest fuckers where he lives, though he's a terrible idealist and can only run a kind of tight ship. He's got a heart of gold that, unfortunately, gets dragged through a mire in his own canon. This place would almost be an improvement.

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