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heyooooo this is yue and while I already play way too many characters at this game, here are just a few I haven't been able to resist considering.

First off is Kyouko Sakura. I played her for while before, but if this is your first time hearing about her, she's essentially that kid at the playground who pulls on your pigtails to get you to pay attention to her. Her hobbies are picking fights and casually stalking the girl she loves. She's a pretty seasoned magi, so a lot of this is familiar territory for her. She's also incredibly jaded, but luckily Sayaka has managed to bring some of her idealism back.

Next is Buddy, who is just a ginormous pile of problems. As the only child born after the apocalypse - as well as the only surviving female - she's been treated differently her entire life, and this has led to her acquiring ginormous god and messiah complexes. The world is a mess, and she just needs to rule it. Given that "kill or be killed" is just about the closest thing there is to the law of the land, this means that she's ruthless and murder-happy. She's also terrified of having her freedom taken away from her, and will not hesitate to resort to any means necessary to maintain control over the situation at all times.

No, I don't play anyone well-adjusted.

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