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1. post with your characters
2. respond to other people's characters with your characters
3. they tell you in detail what their character thinks of your character, ic or ooc! tl;dr is enouraged. don't have much/any cr? respond anyway, make magic happen!
4. then you react if you want!
5. other people do the same thing to you! maybe you can harvest your tl;dr to use in a cr chart later!

(shamelessly stolen from other people)
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When Gary first speaks to Dave over that network post all he was to him was a source of information. Especially after he immediately dished some info on some asshole. That coupled with the fact that he was all too willing to divulge said info made Gary feel like he hit the jackpot. Like a broken slot machine. Honestly we've said this before but if they met under any other circumstances, or if Dave's post had been about anything else or had any other tone other than "sarcastic jerk" to it Gary probably would have just ended up making fun of him or something. But since Dave was clearly mocking the majority of Waverly Bay, well Gary can't resist joining in. So there's that.

Then next time they meet is when Gary's opinion of Dave goes from "source of info" to "what a tool". They get into that fight, which doesn't help the fact that Gary is in a super paranoid frantic state, and he's so blown away by the extreme backpedaling Dave does when he realizes the dude he's fighting is the "friend" he made over the net. This is when he realized he could make far more use of Dave than just as an informant. Even if it's just for his own personal enjoyment. His respect levels also go way down because of the backpedaling. Funny how Gary works, huh? But truthfully, Gary doesn't want anyone too close who will call him on his shit. Which is what makes Dave the perfect "friend" for Gary. There's also the fact that Dave stopped in the middle of an actual fight to text Gary. Like, at this point he's like WOW THIS GUY IS DEDICATED ON KEEPING ME UP TO DATE. THIS IS GOOD. So he uses that line about how he's not like those assholes who back stabbed him back home in order to officially sink his hooks into Dave. Halloween was a test to see how much it worked. And despite having Pokey there trying to get in the way, Gary realizes that his mission was a success.

THEN I BELIEVE THE NEXT BIG THING WAS CRAZY LARRY. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. So Gary would have handled that way differently at Bullworth but being a normal - in comparison - teen from a normal - again in comparison - world he was seriously out of his element. He became worried someone was watching him and out to get him. But DAVE damn getting Gary to trust you is like the hardest fucking thing because the boy is an unstable paranoid nut but...having seen all the hoops Dave has jumped through, the fact that he never stood up to him or anything, and displayed this unwavering (and unhealthy) loyalty. Gary actually grew to trust him. He trusted that Dave wouldn't fuck him over because, in Gary's mind, he was way too spineless and too desperate for his approval. Gary was totally okay with this and in fact relieved to have someone around like that in a place where he felt like he was constantly under attack. He had his dirty laundry aired and Dave didn't give a shit if it was true or not. That's dedication. And to Gary that's valuable. I think from that point onward Gary was as dependent on Dave as Dave is on Gary.

It's safe to say that Gary would finally see him as a friend - but a friend for Gary isn't...really a good thing. To Gary, a friend is just someone who will do what he says and not question him. Someone who will go along with his crazy ass plans and shenanigans. And if that friend isn't everything that Gary thinks they should be then he will work on making sure that changes. A friend is really just potential to Gary. MAN I HOPE THIS IS ALL MAKING SENSE. Basically Dave went from; source of info, tool, personal amusement, friend. And the last tier is the most dangerous because Gary will constantly be making sure that Dave is "fit" to be his friend. And knowing Gary's expectations that is a very not good thing.

So yeah, Dave is Gary's first real friend whom he trusts. This sounds good but is actually terrible. He relies on Dave to be there with information when Gary is lost, or for a distraction when he wants to get up to some shit, and also relies on him to be the one person who wont totally screw him over at a moment's notice.
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I'M GLAD. Since we have so little background on Gary I scrutinize his dialogue until I can come up with decent reasons/motivations behind his crazy ass because imagine trying to play him otherwise lmfao.

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also this one
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Oh man what does Gary think about Jimmy Hopkins...

Okay I'll start off by saying that Gary actually thought Jimmy could be fun to fuck around with since he's willing to do such crazy shit. Petey ran the fuck away as soon as Gary mentioned dog shit but Jimmy went and fought off Chad - a boxer - just to get some dog to poop. If not for literally everything else in their weird...not quite friendship...Gary would actually be able to stand Jimmy.

But beyond that. Man. So Jimmy and Gary make me laugh because Gary is bitter but has no right to be bitter. I actually feel sorry for Jimmy having to argue against Gary's really fucked up brand of logic when it comes to...well anything but especially that whole business in The Hole. Right now Jimmy is a huge threat to Gary. He's pissed off, hyper aggressive, and pretty strong. Not to mention Gary is actually pretty aware that he has potential to lead. Except he will take credit for everything Jimmy became at Bullworth, thinking that well yeah he has potential but he couldn't realize it without me pulling the strings! All he had to do was cut them once he got out of control and watch him fall helplessly! But now with all that shit at Bullworth out of the way Gary sees Jimmy as more of a threat than ever, especially since he's so angry at him.

AND MAN. Gary really is aware of what he did to Jimmy? But he's also convinced that Jimmy would have, at some point, turned the tables on Gary because he's projecting like a mofo. So while he understands why Jimmy is pissed he also gets offended because in his eyes it's like, DUDE STOP ACTING LIKE YOU'RE ANY BETTER THAN ME WHEN YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME FUCKING THING. I actually worry I don't get that across well enough come to think of it. BUT ANYWAY yeah, Gary projects and takes it out on Jimmy a lot. I feel like he's also upset at wasted potential of Jimmy as an ally - even if he hadn't planned on keeping him around forever. He would have made a good underling, okay? Strong, willing to do anything, and generally went along with Gary's bullshit even though he called him out on a lot of shit. But that paranoia man. Jimmy was too good to be true so he had to be dealt with. He thinks a lot about how easy he could have taken the school if he hadn't become so suspicious of Jimmy. And of course, it's all Jimmy's fault for being TOO strong and for all the warning signs of a takeover that Gary completely fabricated in his head.

NOW IN SOULGEMMED. Gary's ego is so huge he thinks he can get himself off of Jimmy's shit list. Because he's really, honestly, threatened by Jimmy. For all the talk of comparing Jimmy's intelligence to a neanderthal and such Gary is well aware of what he's able to do. And having him be pissed off at him when he doesn't have cliques to manipulate is a frightening thing to him. Hence the truce. NOW it's kind of like a repeat of Bullworth. At least the beginning. Except Gary thinks he has some advantage, and he's also trying to build some bridges so that he doesn't have to worry about Jimmy too much. And all the while he's looking at Jimmy like, I HATE HIM BUT MAN HE'D BE A USEFUL ALLY TO HAVE IN THIS PLACE. HOW CAN I TRY THIS AGAIN? It's almost like Jimmy is a weird project to Gary. Kind of like how I mentioned Gary trying to turn anyone he thinks of has a friend into what he thinks they should be, except he sees Jimmy as more of a weapon. A powerful weapon that he could totally use if he could control it and damn it he wants to control it.

So in summation! To Gary Jimmy is an entertaining individual, but also has potential to get some shit done (I'm reminded of when he tells Jimmy, "You and me, we can do things.") and because of this he sees him as some kind of a weapon he could use to get his way. He lost control of him once but he wonders if he can get it back again. Because he's crazy.
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"GO AWAY" that sums it up.

But no to be more specific. Gary and Ellen's first encounter was really, really, not cool. It actually scarred him for life LOL. There is no one else in the world who would strike such a fear in him as Ellen does. And not just because she can ensnare him in vines and crush him to death. See they both have this twisted sense of logic that Gary saw first hand when she explained to him her definition of love. And while he thinks love is a load of bunk he has no interest in he...actually understood what she was saying. It made more sense to him than someone who would have said LOVE IS SHOWERING YOUR LOVER IN ROSES AND POETRY AND SHOWING THEM YOU CARE!! And the fact that this clearly crazy girl made any kind of sense to him freaked him the hell out. Then she went and dropped the L bomb on him which turned him into even more of a paranoid mess for...ever, pretty much.

And MAAAN that valentines day event. When he saw her memory he felt what she felt, and what she felt was so painfully familiar to him that, while at the time he was under the events spell so he couldn't really think clearly about, afterwards really worried him. Like, what if I'm more like this crazy girl than I thought? To make matters worse she tells him about how she took a little girl's body so she wouldn't be sick anymore and uh...that made sense to him to. It made sense while he was under event influence and what was messed up is when he realized afterwards that it still made sense. And that yeah...he'd probably do the same thing if he could. So now Ellen is scarier than ever and that's after their first encounter was her torturing him. Now she's scary because there are parts of her that he identifies with.

THAT BEING SAID. With their last conversation Gary is just thinking...she's creepy as fuck but if I stay on her good side I should be fine. So she's another one who he's thinking he can try and turn into...a decent ally, as opposed to constantly trying to avoid her. He feels like he has no choice in the matter really. And it's either that or the terrifying alternative which is to run in fear forever. Because of this he's bitter as hell which always comes through in his conversations with her. After all, Gary has a big as hell ego and Ellen kind of just popped that shit within seconds of meeting him. She tamed him and truthfully she could tell him to jump and he would just be like "how high you crazy bitch?" because yeah he's scared.

Oh yeah and now he can't look at roses or any flowers really without having flashbacks. THANKS GG ELLEN.
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and truthfully she could tell him to jump and he would just be like "how high you crazy bitch?" because yeah he's scared

oh my god i can't stop laughing POOR GARY
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hey garyyyyy~!
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So, when Gary first sees Lilith's memory of notghingness it was mildly disturbing. But more so was the feeling of a need to escape ever present in said memory, because it's something he understands, in a sense. Also Gary kind of thrives on other people whether he likes to admit it or not, and the idea of being left alone for however long with no one to bother and just his thoughts is not a fun one. Her reaction to it was super strange to him and he couldn't wrap his head around how she could be all NAH IT WASNT SO BAD JUST BORING. Boring is really bad girl what are you saying? So he already doesn't understand her on a pretty big level in his mind. Then he mentions sarcastically how if he were alone that long with nothing to do he'd gouge his own eyes out for some excitement and she offers to help. So now he's thinking, okay she lacks an understanding of the basics of sarcasm because that clearly was a serious offer what the hell you freak?

Imagine meeting the creepy girl who spoke about gouging out his eyes in the death dungeon, trapped in a room where only one can escape. Of course his reaction is, SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME FIRST IF I DONT KILL HER. This obviously doesn't go well for him. So then he's dead and POOF GARY GOES BYE BYE. See despite KILL being the first place his thoughts go he just kind of projects on to her and assumes it's the first place her mind went to because OF COURSE IT IS. This is how he convinces himself to act. Act and fail. But act.

And man when Gary realizes Lilith doesn't remember the death dungeon he's more relaxed about her. He doesn't understand her and that's not cool and scary, so having that incident existing between the two of them was something he didn't want to deal with. Because he had no idea what the hell she would do?? Now since he decided he wants to take all these crazy/violent people he has had some kind of issue with and turn them into built bridges he can use to survive...well, he reluctantly decided that Lilith should be one of them. And that it might not be so bad...she draws a nice dick. Also, she killed him, but there was reason behind that. There was only one way out and Gary also was totally going to try and kill her first even if he FAILED BIG TIME. Whereas someone like Ellen, well, she's just twisted. So even though she actually killed him he's less scared of her. Just, really confused which leads to concern and a little bit of fear.

Truthfully if all he knew about her was, "she draws detailed dicks on things and enjoys it" he'd actually be sort of cool with her. Sort of. But as it stands now she is really confusing and he can't find any sort of understandable logic to her actions or words and it really irritates the crap out of him.