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Love Meme

Love Meme

It's been awhile since our last Love Meme, don't you think? We could use some love in our lives right now~!

You know how this goes:
» Drop in a comment letting everyone know who you play
» Comment around and express your love for everyone! Get mushy!
» Stealing Magical Candies is optional, pon!
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[personal profile] greyerrant 2016-11-12 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
Your resident Spehss Mehreen and town dad.
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TEAM DAD.... only dad.....

You're a super super cool dude, Bill!!! I love how earnest you are in everything you do both in RP and in everyday life, and that's something I respect a lot! Please continue being cool. Don't stop it.... don't stop ever... ALSO i'm always a big fan of Garvi. He's such a good pillar for the Magi, both with him trying to support the many, many children, and how much of an asset he is in fights.
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[personal profile] i_think 2016-11-12 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
BILL (bill, bill, bill, bill.....)

BILL. Your threads are amazing - I love Chiaki's CR with Town Dad, this weird warrior relationship they have. And you're such a great guy on top of that - I want to get to know you better and thread with you more. It's so great to be in a game with you dude.
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Garviel is so important as Nyoi-Cho's only Dad Figure

You're a cool guy Bill!!! You try so hard at life judging from your plurks too, I wish you well ^^ and I admire you for still keeping fit despite the shitstorm that is life, I can't seem to keep to a decent exercise routine myself lol
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Re: Bill

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Bill you're a hell of a cool dude, and Garvi's a hell of a good dad. The way he's willing to help everyone's damn good, and I hope to bounce Ryoko off of him more.
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Seriously? I think you rock. You took what could have been just a generic "Soldier dad" type character and made people actually care about him. Gave him color and feelings and life. Even Azula's daddy issues can't be triggered too hard by a guy willing to stand in front of her and take abuse while she deals with door locks and things.

Please continue to be awesome.