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Headcanons Meme

That's not a head canon but it's close enough

» You have all sorts of silly little thoughts in your head, don't you? Your character's favorite time of day, how many times they'll wear a pair of socks before washing them, all the stuff that you think about but maybe you can't bring it up in game! Does anyone in Nyoi-cho wash their socks?
» Post them here! Ramble about your character in ways that you'd never imagine doing any other time! You have full permission to go as ham as you want, it's your soapbox!
» Enjoy the headcanons people post about their own characters! Can you believe that Bonnie kicks puppies on her spare time? THE NERVE OF HER.
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Harley Quinn

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~ Harley is Bisexual, possibly pansexual though she hasn't had too many opportunities to explore her limits beyond men, women and some demons she met once after an adventure with Zatanna.

~ When forced to chose between werewolves and vampires, Harley is team werewolf.

~ Her favorite type of delivery is Chinese food

~ As a child and teenager she wrote a number of positively reviewed Wonder Woman fanfictions usually pairing her with other female heroes or amazon warriors.

~ Harley is of Jewish heritage however due to the amount of chaos in her house growing up and with how busy her parents both were neither particularly pressured their kids to keep the faith. She still enjoys celebrating Hanukkah but she doesn't speak a word of Yiddish much to the dismay of her close friend Cy Borgmen.

~ Due to her mother never really cooking a successful meal with fish, Harley believed that she simply hated fish up until Poison Ivy took her out for some very expensive sushi. She is still tentative about it but will try to keep an open mind when offered fish.

~ Harley believes that her butt is her best physical feature.

~ Harley needs glasses, but she can fake it most the time. She usually wears them when she's working though so she can make more precise notes and read text books. Also she feels they make her look more professional.

~ Due to how busy her father was, Harley spent a lot of time with her Aunt and Uncle just to get out of the house and away from her three rowdy brothers.

~ Harley's preferred condiment with her french fries is ketchup, but on her hot dogs she likes chili the best.

~ Harley is technically guilty of literally hundreds of murders possibly over a thousand thanks to her particularly blood soaked past with the Suicide Squad. Though these days she tries to focus on only killing people who deserve it.

~ Sometimes she likes to pretend her life is a comic book.