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Headcanons Meme

That's not a head canon but it's close enough

» You have all sorts of silly little thoughts in your head, don't you? Your character's favorite time of day, how many times they'll wear a pair of socks before washing them, all the stuff that you think about but maybe you can't bring it up in game! Does anyone in Nyoi-cho wash their socks?
» Post them here! Ramble about your character in ways that you'd never imagine doing any other time! You have full permission to go as ham as you want, it's your soapbox!
» Enjoy the headcanons people post about their own characters! Can you believe that Bonnie kicks puppies on her spare time? THE NERVE OF HER.
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Asriel Dreemurr

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-Asriel watches a lot of anime in his free time. His current favorite show is Orange Ninja Hero, and if you ask him about it he will talk about how deep it is and totally not a kid's show, etc. etc.

-Asriel knows a variety of monster noises, which he doesn't normally use around other humans. He bleats when he laughs/is scared, and he can make a noise that sounds like purring when he's happy or trying to comfort himself.

-He also knows a little bit of sign language.

-His birthday is October 19th

-Like the rest of his family, Asriel has a deep love for puns. The cheesier the pun, the better. Bad jokes are also A+

-Asriel got fired from his restaurant job in August after him being too unlucky caused him to screw up way too much. He does errands and whatever odd jobs he can find for a little extra spending money. He's trying to save up for a bike (which he doesn't know how to ride).

-His favorite place in Nyoi-Cho is the beach.
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