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The TL;DR CR Meme


It's function rambunction let me show you the rules:

1. Post a top level with your character.
2. Others post with their characters under your top level
3. You go on and on about those two characters CR.
4. Post with your character, get the same.
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Azula // Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Re: Azula // Avatar: The Last Airbender

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what up g
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Ah Sollux, her best friend in another life.

Azula's first impressions of Sollux were similar to how she felt about Sokka. She can tell he's an intelligent person to some extent, smarter then your average Magi but clearly not smart enough to be worthy of her respect because he let his emotions get the best of him so quickly. The fact that he rushed to the defense of someone she hurt had her planning how she might have to destroy him if need be. Of course these days Azula's plans tend to lack the nuance and manipulation she used to favor mostly because of how short tempered she's become so you can imagine the plan was basically "Burn until he stops."

Thankfully after it became apparent Chiaki didn't hold a grudge Sollux backed down and so too could Azula. The trip to sideways happy stepford land was what really kicked their relationship into high gear where for at least a month he went from being a casual enemy to a trusted and close friend.

Azula Fire believed that Sollux was a good person in his heart and wanted to see him find whatever it would take to make him happy. Since she couldn't really encourage his laziness she hoped he would find happiness in positive works but at the same time she knew the harder she pushed the harder he'd push back so she took a lot of time to find the sweet spot which would allow her to use him for positive work but also let him slack off.

Given the situation she absolutely would have helped him hide a dead body

Now that she's back and feeling like someone yanked the rug out from under her again, her mind instinctively tells her to lean on her friends for support and he's somehow fallen into that circle. She has to take great efforts to remind herself their friendship was fake and that he is still technically an enemy. However with him coming to talk with her and muse upon things like human emotion and perceived reality it's not that hard to imagine moving him from "Vaguely hostile" to "Neutral" or even "Vaguely friendly."
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Re: Azula // Avatar: The Last Airbender

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yo babe
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Raven got an easy ticket to holding Azula's attention simply by virtue of her backstory. After all even Azula who has so much trouble with empathy could see things from Raven's point of view...more or less. A girl of royalty expected to do great and terrible things. Mommy issues, hates mirrors all the elements are there.

She was disappointed of course to find that Raven is only rebellious and sort of a punk rather then outright evil. It would be easier to commiserate with another monster, but sure enough Azula had to accept that Raven is still a nicer person then she believes she ever could be. That however has not diminished the connection they share. Raven is the second friend in this town that Azula feels like she can trust and one of maybe four people she would have allowed to see her little recreation of "Azula Fire's home". (The other two being Madoka and Alice)

Unlike Alice however Azula doesn't think that if push came to shove Raven would be able to stop her from doing something terrible. If she gave into her urges and her anger, and just decided to embrace her inner monster she believes that she would end up killing Madoka, seeing Raven turn away from her and possibly being killed by Alice. This is more or less her paranoia and lack of faith in the strength of friendships peaking.

She relates to Raven on a more comfortable level then Alice and Madoka as well. While she thinks of Madoka as a more pure hearted simpleton, and Alice as a cold and calculating warrior born into a delicate looking body, Raven is a middle ground that is less exhausting to deal with on either end of the spectrum.

After saving Azula from being overwhelmed by nightmare magic playing on her worst fears, and returning the favor when Raven had her own nightmare Azula has unwittingly developed an affection for Raven that she writes off as just being possessive over people who are useful to her. But at the end of the day if Raven needs her Azula will always try to be there, even if she's complaining about it every step of the way.
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Sorry this is so late

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Pokey is trouble, that much Azula can see from her few interactions with him.

She aims to keep him at a distance if possible while she assesses just how smart and dangerous he might be, but more importantly if that danger is to her, or himself. Because the only thing worse then a very smart enemy is a very emotional one.

A few years ago she might have thought his emotions were a weakness to be manipulated, but time and losing has taught her that emotions can't always be so easily predicted. Sometimes feelings will outweigh logic and make people do stupid and crazy things aainst their own self interest. And if she can't predict what he's going to do then that could end poorly for her since she's already not on his good side.
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Re: Azula // Avatar: The Last Airbender

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You knew this was coming.
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Sorry this is so late

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Well of course Azula has done some thinking about Alice.

Cold as the ice Azula loathes so much Alice reminds her of herself in a few respects. A willingness to do her own dirty work, a drive to keep control even when everything is spinning wildly out of control.

Part of Azula envies Alice for how comfortable she seems to be with herself, madness and all. Only on a few occasions has Azula seen Alice get fired up or thrown off balance and obviously Azula used to have that sort of composure.

What she is proud to say however is while she may have been as composed and controlled as Alice appears at times, she was never as flat and apathetic. Alice can sometimes come off as disaffected or uninterested in current events though Azula has learned that's rarely the case. It's just the manner in which she acts. Meanwhile Azula believes herself to be a more outgoing personality giving her a leg up in at least one field.

She respects Alice, and given the opportunity plans to use Alice's abilities to her advantage.

And it doesn't hurt having someone around as dangerous and unstable as she is.