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July / August Test Drive

Test Drive Meme


Arrival: So you've just arrived in Nyoi-Cho. Congratulations! You must be so excited about having your wish granted. Or maybe you're upset that the result wasn't quite what you expected? If that's the case, then that's too bad! There are no take backs and no redoes, so you're stuck with what you have! Maybe you should have been more careful about how you worded that wish...

Oh well. There's no use in dwelling on it. You're a magi now, and that means adjusting to a whole new lifestyle! Maybe one of the townspeople can help you out.

Only... they're acting a bit strangely, aren't they? They're all too happy to show you around, but there's something unsettling about the way they're behaving. Almost cheerfully dissonant. Any questions about the history of the town are met with blank stares and brief silence, before they plaster a smile onto their faces and change the subject. Any attempts to tell them about your duties as a magi or anything else that relates to the magical will get similar reactions.

Isn't there anyone normal here that you can talk to at all?

Home Improvement: The houses that the magi are given access to really are something, aren't they? There's almost no limit to what they can do! Why don't you create the house of your dreams, or maybe recreate and relive your favorite childhood scenes? Invite some spectators over to marvel!

A Corrupted Soul Gem: You neglected to take care of your soul gem, and now you don't feel quite yourself anymore. You feel like you're losing your sense of self - all you seem to be able to focus on is your old regrets and past failures. What's happening to you?

A Day in the Life: Everyday hero by day, magician by night! You've got a busy day ahead of you and no time to waste! Maybe it's school, or maybe it's work, maybe it's both! Being magical doesn't make you exempt from paying those shopping bills!

May Day: Uh-oh. This magical girl stuff looked easier on TV. You're in some serious trouble! Or maybe you see someone else who is! It's time to pull up your socks and show them what you have. Be the hero you've always wanted to be, or give in and be that damsel in distress. There's no shame in needing a little help now and then.

A Successful Mission: Congratulations! You met up with your first Nightmare, and you fought valiantly. You even mastered that tricky power of yours! As if in response to your masterful victory, you feel as though you've unlocked a new power. What sort of power did you get? Is it a useful one, or is it not so useful? Maybe you've mastered it beautifully, and now you're showing off to all of your friends. Maybe you're having a hard time keeping it under wraps, and now you're wreaking havoc across the town without meaning to!

A Dreadful Nightmare: You had an absolutely horrid day. As you drift off to sleep, your mind dwells on all the injustices you've had to endure. In response, your bed swallows you up, and your room shifts into a horrific Nightmarescape. What sort of Nightmare are you? What kind of Nightmarescape do you create? Hopefully your fellow magi can stop you before you cause too much damage!

Wildcard: Feel free to use any information from the FAQ or the World Info page to make your own prompt!
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The Medicine Seller | Mononoke

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[A Successful Mission]

It wasn't as if he was a stranger to battle to begin with. He did have an issue or two with the magical outfit. ... Namely the stockings. Too close fitting. In any case, he'd learned something useful.

Light bombs. How handy, now he wouldn't have to waste precious gun powder anymore. Yes, it did come with a visual downside. One he was apparently just ignoring the hell out of.

Nine flowing, bushy fox tails busily getting in the way of everything. He really doesn't give a shit if they knock drinks over or smack someone upside the head. He's got better things to do than be bothered by that.

Watch your step.
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Zelgadis Graywords | Slayers

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A Day in the Life
It is a beautiful day. Zelgadis has time off and he is going to be Aggressively Normal. In the morning, he's going for a walk along the beach. In the afternoon, shopping and running errands. He seems remarkably enthusiastic about things like feeding the birds in the park or wading in the ocean.

Look, he spent years looking for a way to have a human body again, and the novelty of it hasn't worn off. This might be a strange world and he's stuck fighting evil by moonlight, but at least he can contemplate going for a swim without massive amounts of flotation devices.

Come say hello.

May Day
"Damn it..." Of course, the problem with such a wish, is that Zelgadis has spent years being both a sorcerer and being made of stone, so fighting anything means re-learning instincts. Like that he can't shoot fire from his hands and has to rely on mundane weaponry. And that while having one's soul disconnected from one's body has some effects, your skin still can't turn blades. So, Zelgadis is making a strategic retreat, holding his arm, while a Nightmare made of knives is chasing him down.
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hitomi shizuki | puella magi madoka magica

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[wildcard: become meguka]

["Is it piano lessons or Japanese classical dance today?"

"Tea ceremony lessons, actually."

Hitomi's friendships had always been strained. This wasn't to say that she was a bad friend, nor were her friends any less than wonderful. No, it was something a little out of either of their control. Being held to a high academic standard didn't leave much room for friendship to blossom. Even so she found two best friends who had stuck by her since childhood. How could she complain?

There really wasn't room to complain but she couldn't help but envy them. There was never a free moment in her day as there were in the lives of her friends. In fact they had stopped asking her to spend time with them after school. Why bother? She would just say she had calligraphy lessons after class anyway. Hitomi would never hold that against them.

And yet she couldn't help but wonder-- what was she missing out on?

Of all the possible answers to that question, this isn't what she expected. How could she have expected any of this? That in her absence her closest friends had become frilled vigilantes? It just wasn't logical.

And yet when she discovered the truth, she longed for it. If she could just become a magical girl, she would finally have that common ground that Madoka and Sayaka had. Their own secret that bonded them, without her, she could finally be in on. Perhaps then they could become as close as they once were.

Hitomi didn't want to be left behind. She didn't want her only friends to move on without her, growing closer day by day while she was left to her tea ceremony lessons. She couldn't stand for it.

So she made a contract. The thought of regretting it didn't even grace her mind-- a life of regret was long behind her now.

You may find her observing her new form, admiring herself quietly. Her new weapon is a bit large for her and even she finds herself surprised by it. It's even more of a surprise to find how easily she can wield such a hefty beast of an ax. Such a thing isn't exactly becoming of a small, fragile-looking girl like her, as Hitomi clearly notes herself. She rests her hand against her face delicately, taking it in.]

Oh my... So this is what it is to be a magical girl?

[You don't know the half of it yet, honey. Who wants to fill her in that being a magical girl isn't all pretty dresses?]

[a successful mission]

[Hitomi couldn't have prepared herself for what battle would feel like. She'd never been in a fight before and, to be frank, had never even imagined herself in one. Even the most physically taxing of her lessons didn't train her muscles to be used in this way, either. This experience was an entirely fresh one.

And yet, thanks to those who had joined her in combat, she made it through. In spite of how taxing it was... Hitomi could only describe this feeling in her chest as joy. Nothing in recent memory made her feel as good as she did right now, fighting in the company of the magi she'd grown to call friends.

She smiled, panting and turning to the member of her team nearest her.]

Thank you for fighting beside me! That was ... amazing!

[Maybe a few weeks ago Hitomi would have held back such a forthright display of emotion. But something in her had changed. A lot of things had. And, in all honesty, she loved it.]
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Laurent | the Captive Prince trilogy

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Home Improvement
[A new Magi house has appeared in the streets. You might not have noticed that before, but houses have come under fire since recent events made people realize that not checking on your neighbours could be a bad idea. The fact that there's no new face accompanying the appearance of this house just makes it doubly suspicious- what gives? Who's in there? 

The house's new owner eludes the notice of most of the local magi for at least a week. Before finally, on a fine afternoon with clear skies overhead, the door opens. 

You might notice the young man who steps out first- he's certainly eye-catching with his blonde hair and handsome face. There's a distinctly medieval flair to his outfit, long sleeves and tight laces, and boots that suggest he's about to take a daytrip to a forest somewhere. Or you might notice, through the door, like, the horse.

This guy has a horse in his house.

It's a very pretty bay-colored horse. But more importantly, the man is trying to lead it out, which is as you know (or maybe you don't know) a bad idea in these parts, and things don't play out very well. The creature, as skittish as it is, is coaxed by exceeding gentleness into sticking its head and front hooves across the threshold- and as sunlight hits its fine head, the horse shudders.... and crumbles into powder right there on the doorstep.

Oh shit. 

Anyone who feels like meddling has about two seconds to catch the man standing there, dangerously rigid with a dangerous twitch in his jaw, before he turns back into the house and SLAMS the door with exceeding non-gentleness. Then you can catch him inside his house for the next few hours.]

May-day..... wait

[It's late. It's nightmare hour. It's a time dangerous for the town's hapless citizens to go wandering, but here is a blonde strolling along, herded by a small band of feline Familiars. 

One might recognize him as a magi, if they've seen him around and made the necessary deductions- but by the way he's nonchalantly letting the familiars lead him into a Nightmare, surely he must be inexperienced. That's stereotype civilian behavior, right there.

If you call out to him, he's going to ignore you and step right into that Nightmare. The familiars are having a field day. But then they start pushing him towards what's clearly a restraint, a tangle of vines uncoiling to receive a victim, and the blonde frowns.]

Is there any way to persuade you to lead me to your source, instead?

[He waves. Mid-wave a sword materializes into his hands, the rest of his Magi outfit fading in along with it, and by the end of the gesture he's cut all the familiars down.

A sigh. A mumble under his breath. Then he notices you, and his lips press into a thin line; there's no relief on his face, only intensely blue-eyed scrutiny.]


[In the daytime you might notice the new arrival at various parts of town, chatting up the locals in an accented Nyoi-Choean. If not for his blonde hair you might pass him over for a local himself. 

In the evenings, he's sneaking around fighting Nightmares and taking notes. You may also find him breaking into where the Magi have stored their info.]
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Mitsunari Ishida | Sengoku Basara

[personal profile] upadly_aniol 2016-07-02 11:18 am (UTC)(link)

[He’s tired of dealing with inane townspeople, and so, he stops greeting them. Mitsunari Ishida has no need of inane conversations. And it’s not important. What is important is the fact that the time turned back, back there in the world he came from, it turned back and changed fate, allowing Mitsunari Ishida to save the life of his Lord and to erasure his own unnecessary life from that timeline, forever. Now he regretted slightly the fact that he didn’t ask to erase Ieyasu’s life, too – maybe he wasn’t best at planning. He also begins regretting the fact that he didn't ask for Hanbei-sama to be healthy and alive, but it was already too late to modify the wish.
In his wish, he also mentioned the wish for his Lord to be immortal during every moment in which Mitsunari is fighting. And so, he was now searching for Witches, Nightmares, or whatever other enemies to fight. He cared not what he would fight, but he would fight, always, always, every minute without fighting was now irrelevant.]

May Day:

[He realises he’s in danger, now. This enemy – Nightmare or Witch, he knows not – proves more formidable than he predicted. But he cares not for his own life and health, and so, he won’t run, he’ll continue this fight, no matter how many injuries he’s getting right now.
He also won’t ask for anyone’s help, and won’t scream out, instead just hissing every time his body gets damaged. No, he's not going to scream like some coward, that would be disrespectful to his Lord. His Lord, for whom Mitsunari now never existed, but that was good, that was the proper punishment for Mitsunari and so, he took satisfaction in that, too... for now.]
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Harley Quinn // DC Comics

[personal profile] coneyislandcrazy 2016-07-02 01:16 pm (UTC)(link)

And suddenly Harley Quinn.

Perhaps in the future we would look upon this day as a major turning point in the city of Nyoi-Cho...but probably not. More over there is a pale as chalk woman with bright blond hair in a red and black leather jacket and short shorts currently harassing the towns people who are responding to it with their usual relaxed smiles and half hearted responses.

"Don't you get all Stepford with me! I want answers. Where are we? Where's the closest toy store? Who's the local superheroes around here and do I have anything in my teeth?"

It wasn't that she was really angry with them, it's more about how totally relaxed they seemed to be about...well everything. Harley was used to the high energy and big personalities of Coney Island. This was like changing channels and trying to catch up halfway through a movie.


Home Personal Improvement.

[The sign is pretty simple in design, a piece of poster board with the words "Free Therapy" written on it in sharpie. It only becomes progressively more cluttered with the words "Professional licensed psychiatrist" and "Brain and feelings doctor" scrawled on the corners.

Because some people in this town had never heard of a psychiatrist before.

The sign was planted on the front lawn of one of the Magi houses and the door was half open with a sticky note on the door frame reading "The Doctor is In"

Once stepping inside you find yourself in a cozy office, with bookshelves to one wall holding such titles as "Head shrinking for dummies" and "The complete My Pretty Pegasus comic omnibus."

Not exactly the sort of clinical texts you were expecting perhaps.

There are some fancy looking degrees framed on the wall, as well as a painstakingly polished wooden desk home to some various toys. Behind the desk sits a Professional looking blond woman in classes who smiles warmly at you.]

Please come right in and close the door behind you. Have a seat! Would you like something to drink?


May Day!

Oh Crap oh Crap oh crap!!!

[Harley didn't like running away from trouble, but her options were somewhat limited right now given the nature of her powers. Healing was a great support power to be sure but it wasn't going to do her much good against this writhing black goo monster with more teeth then a barrel full of combs.

Tendrils of black muscle and slime shot for Harley and only her natural athleticism saved her as she flipped, dodged and sprang through the air time and again, darting around a lamp post hoping to slow the thing down a little and maybe tangle it up. Instead the beast just ripped the light out of the ground and hurled it at Harley who was forced into a back flip to let the thing go spinning underneath her. ]

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Sayoko Fukasawa | Kamen Rider Blade

[personal profile] peaceintheworld 2016-07-04 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
[A Day In The Life]

This was not a normal life that Sayoko Fukasawa had gone and wished herself into, but a normal life was the only one that she knew how to lead. Even if things had begun to go strange shortly before the tragedy that had brought everything around to this, the cycle of work-errands-home was a comforting one. One that was easy to lose herself in and distract herself from more overwhelming matters.

Especially given her particular line of work. She might not currently have the resources to open her own clinic, but another doctor willing to work long hours in the emergency room was welcome at the local hospital. She's often too busy to think too hard on anything other than her patients, even if so much of the work is writing prescriptions for antibiotics or sending people for x-rays. And if another magi finds themselves badly hurt enough and without someone to magically heal them, well, at least she'll be on hand to handle the situation.

She has a feeling that this next patient is going to be one of the latter sorts... and so she pulls back the curtain around the ER intake bed and steps through with a professional smile upon her face. Whatever the matter is, she can handle it.

[May Day]

Sayoko had never thought that she would ever be doing something like this. It was astonishing enough to know that monsters existed, so it was almost too much to believe that she could be capable of fighting them. That was something that other people did, wasn't it? Not her, certainly not her....

But now isn't the time to doubt herself, or her powers, or even her eyes. This Nightmare is full of danger, with bursts of sickly-colored light flying every which way, tearing up the surroundings and whatever else cared to get in their way. "...look out!" Like other magi. She's prepared to break into a run and charge towards the person who is about to get pulverized by that incoming blast, but with the first step her magic kicks in. A flash of pink, a ripple of motion, and she's standing before them, staff held out, projecting a defensive barrier that shines with the same pinkish-peach light.

"Get away from here! Head for cover!"
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Yomi Takanashi | Black Rock Shooter

[personal profile] hellbird 2016-07-06 05:50 am (UTC)(link)

[ At first, Yomi's reaction to Nyoi-Cho is subdued, and as she stands in front of the house that's supposed to be hers, the look on her face is blank, devoid of all emotion. Something tells her this is her house, but how can that be? It doesn't look at all like her real house. This place, it's almost like a dream. So cute, so pretty, almost different from the ripped up decor of her room. It looks almost like a storybook in the same vein as The Tiny Bird & The Colors, but how can that be? This is a real place, isn't it? ]

Why am I here? [ As if hearing her own voice adds more reality to the situation, Yomi's eyes widen and she slinks against the wall of a nearby building. Try as she might, tears slide down her cheeks as she slowly inches away from the open street and toward a walkway between two of the houses. No, she can't cry here, not in front of others! That'd be far too mortifying! But more tears fall down her face as she slinks away, and her voice is little better than a whisper as she takes her glasses off and furiously wipes her eyes. ] want to go home. I wanna go home...

A Dreadful Nightmare

[ After the long, tiresome day, Yomi's grateful to get some sleep. None of this still feels real, but things will surely feel different in the morning, right? Maybe this will all turn out to just be a strange dream. A strange dream to throw off the nightmare that was Kagari's rejection.

That's her hope, but as she returns to sleep, chains shoot out over her bed and swallow it all whole. The chains spread throughout her room, throughout the house, and her room itself suddenly grows to insane proportions inside. The air is a sickly green, and the bright green water barely hides the tombstones that dot the landscape. All throughout the Nightmarescape, skeletons rise from the radioactive-looking water and congregate around a throne flanked by two giant black skulls. Yomi herself hasn't appeared just yet, as she's still buried within the cocoon of chains surrounding the barely visible throne. ]

A Successful Mission

[ After defeating the Nightmare, Yomi feels a strange sensation in the back of her mind, as if someone's trying to tell her something but their voice is still too soft to hear. It takes her some time to figure out what it means, and when she holds her hand out, a length of chain shoots out of the air and latches around the lamp post she was just looking at. Her eyes widen, but after a moment, she smiles awkwardly. Such a strange power, but it's interesting! ]

Oh...ah, look! I can control the chains now. I'm sure this will come in handy...chains are really good for keeping things secure, right? So I can keep other Nightmares from hurting anyone.
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maki nishikino | love live!

[personal profile] mayowazugogo 2016-07-06 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
a day in the life;
[ Maybe it's a little silly, but one of the last things she thought she'd still be worried about after making a contract to become a magi was school. She hadn't considered that she'd still have to go, that it would remain more or less the same as usual after she made her wish--after she became a magi, anything but a typical rich schoolgirl like she used to be.

But it can't be helped, she supposes. It makes sense that normal life would carry on--it's not as though everything can change all at once. She's still only fifteen, she still has to finish school before she can do what she really wants to do with her life. It's a little dull, especially without any of the other µ's girls here, but she'd been handling it before, so she'd be just as able now, right?

Over lunch break, rather than join everyone in sitting around to eat, Maki instead makes her way down to the music room. She's still new enough that maybe she gets a bit lost on her way there, but eventually she finds it and is pleased to find it empty. Closing the door safely behind herself, she steps over to the piano and, with a soft sigh, takes a seat on the bench in front of the keys. Her fingers almost instinctively starting to dance across said keys, beginning to play a song, she can't help but smile softly to herself. Maybe it's not so bad that things aren't so different. ]

a successful mission;
[ Only when the Nightmare is destroyed and the Nightmarescape fades does Maki finally relax. Her first fight, finished, and her first Nightmare vanquished. Even if she didn't expend all that much magic, the purification of her soul gem is a sensation she still picks up on and's all quite different than she'd expected. While she's certain that there's still plenty she has to learn and that no doubt she'd slipped up a time or two, she still has herself holding a confident exterior in front of her companion. ]

That wasn't so bad.

[ The comment is almost offhand, like what they'd just done is nothing and had been easier than she'd actually found it. With a little magic, her magi costume disappears and is replaced by her regular clothes and Maki brushes some of her hair off of her shoulder before raising her other hand. Opening it to reveal her soul gem, a deep but shining burgundy colour, free of discolouration and corruption. She eyes it for a long moment, almost appearing curious. ]

It really works, huh?
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Nyx Assassin | DOTA 2

[personal profile] caste_of_one 2016-07-08 06:27 am (UTC)(link)

[ There is a monstrous armored human-sized scythe-clawed scarab backed half into an alleyway, chittering to himself in frenzied frothing-at-the-mandibles terror. None of the non-magi pedestrians seem to notice anything strange about this situation, save for the occasional sideways glance at the creature's oddly-accented muttering. ]

My powers, gone- my claws, blunted! Have I failed my queen? Has she withdrawn her grace? What am I without the blessings of my queen goddess!? Aaah, Nyx, Nyx, Nyx, nyxnyxnyxnyxnyx-

[ Chittering nonsense, Nyx Assassin pounds his claws against the pavement. It appears he's trying to dig into the earth, though all he's accomplishing is knocking over garbage cans and flushing out terrified vermin. ]

[A Day in the Life]

[ Nyx Assassin doesn't understand why weak soft-skinned humans value gold so much, but he does grasp the bare-bone basics of currency: gain money through stealthy murder, use money to acquire items that facilitate stealthy murder, and return to step one. ]

[ Thankfully, he's greatly expanded his understanding since then, and has figured out that murder is not the only route to riches. Still, Nyx Assassin is a giant murderous scarab with only the most superficial understanding of modern human society, so he can't quite shake the notion that money leads to items that can potentially help him murder things better. ]

[ This is why Nyx Assassin is knocking on your door right this moment, a pizza deliveryman's uniform draped over his carapace and the uniform cap perched jauntily on his horn. It doesn't matter whether or not you ordered a pizza- he's got your (or someone else's) piping hot pie held on his claws. ]

Hehehahahha... open up, fleshy being, and allow me to fulfill my purpose. Do not attempt to run from your feast- I can sense your fear.

[A Successful Mission]

[ Nyx Assassin is perfectly capable of working with others, even if they're only human. He's not quite accustomed to this new mode of fighting, but the zealot scarab is still a good fighter- although he may not be the most reassuring ally to have around. Aside from the fact that he's a giant monstrous insect, Nyx Assassin tends to go on and on about his mission, his queen goddess, and the failings of armorless soft-skinned humans. There's also the fact that he chitters and laugh at the oddest times- ]

[ Like right now. His alien expression almost unreadable, Nyx Assassin tilts his head to the side, feeling the familiar shape of a new power blooming in his mind. Then, without any warning or words of explanation, the zealot scarab laughs and laughs and laughs- before simply fading, disappearing into thin air. ]

[ Enjoy the chittering laughter and the unnerving skittering sounds echoing from some unspecified location behind you, far too close for any peace of mind. ]
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Junko Kaname | Madoka Magica

[personal profile] drinkingmama 2016-07-09 07:12 am (UTC)(link)

There was a woman on the roof of the local convenience store. A middle-aged woman - although she hardly looked it - dressed in a suit with a skirt, knees pulled up to her chest, staring out blankly from her perch.

It might not be immediately evident whether she was new or just crazy. If you asked her, the answer would be both. She had, without thought, like some kind of... child... made a wish to a furry little creature.

Then, blinding pain.

Then, memories she hadn't had that felt like they were there the whole time.

This town, this roof, and the sudden knowledge that her happy, normal life was no longer a thing.

"Anyone wanna help me down?" she finally asked, peering out, "or at least throw me a bottle of something really, really strong?"


A magical girl. Her! Pushing forty and tapped to be a magical girl for some insane reason instead of the usual.

Although wasn't sending middle school girls into life-or-death battles even more insane? Junko was struggling to find any sanity in this at all, granted; she was wearing some kind of white sukeban get up, an older style of school uniform with a long skirt and rolled up sleeves, only it looked like its mommy was a sukeban uniform and its other mommy was a gothic lolita dress that it inherited a pile of pink frills from.

She'd never hurt anyone with a baseball bat, even if she'd made vaguely threatening gestures a times, but youthful memories of how to move her body, how to run and jump and strike trickled into her mind just quickly enough to avoid... they weren't tentacles. They were metallic, with more joints than her eye could make out, and sharp, moving like some kind of disjointed stop-motion robo-tentacle, and what they were didn't matter as much as the fact that she was swatting them away, shattering them to bits with a shiny, metallic bat and keeping the sharp stuff away from her squishy parts.

That's all she was accomplishing, though...
a_fearless_smile: (pic#10423399)

All Might (Toshinori Yagi) | Boku No Hero Academia

[personal profile] a_fearless_smile 2016-07-09 10:31 pm (UTC)(link)

What the heck had just happened? One second, he'd been taking it easy and recuperating from the limited strength he'd expended in the day and then... he was here. Wherever here was.

The sickly, downright skeletal looking man wandered the streets for awhile, looking this way and that and trying to get his bearings. Okay, think back, what had led to him arriving here? He'd been at his home and he'd kind of idly thought the same wish he'd had every day, of being able to use the full force of One For All once more, then there'd been a voice.

That's right, there'd been a voice. What had it said again...? Something about...?

"HRRGGGBBBLLLRRRPPPBBBLLL!!" That was the sound of the thin man trying to make an exclamation of realization and frustration. And instead having it largely drowned out by the fountain of blood bursting from between his teeth.



All Might's booming laughter echoed out as the Nightmarescape dwindled and vanished. He stood tall on the sight of the great battle, fists punched into his hips as his cape billowed and flapped behind him. His endless smile, never having faltered once in the battle, shone brightly as he turned to his comrade in arms.

"That was a big one, eh, chum? Fortunately, those evildoers are not match for the forces of righteousness! HA HA HA!"

... Actually, the truth was that fight had taken a big toll on him. He couldn't let that show here though! Even here, nobody knew of his condition or that the stick-thin sickly Toshinori Yagi and the towering, heroic All Might were one and the same. Hopefully this celebration would go by quick and he could find somewhere to change back out of the public eye!
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Yasu | Umineko

[personal profile] tragedyinabottle 2016-07-10 01:46 am (UTC)(link)
Home Improvement

You've been invited to the Witch's Tea Party! The inside of Sayo's home is decorated a maze of rooms containing various odds and ends, normally one would become lost in the jumbled mess of Victorian furnishings and elegant decor but since you've been invited the path to the house's center is clearly marked by a series of glowing arrows.

At the center of the maze is a sitting room with a fancy table at its center surrounded by two high chair of similar decor, and on one of them sits a girl with deep brown hair, a waifish complexion, and wearing a elegant brow dress who is sipping from a cup of tea. She beckons her visitor to come closer and take part in the tea that sits on the table's center.

"Hello, its nice to see you today." she says in a friendly tone. "Won't you sit and have a cup of tea?"

A Successful Mission

Nightmare destroyed! Sayo has stumbled onto the fact that she can now magically alter her body at will...a cool power, but one she can't quite control at the moment, as her face randomly changes eye and hair color, facial structure, and other details roughly every 30 seconds. Needless to say, the poor thing is crying and in no mood to do much of anything else at the moment.
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Roxy Lalonde | Homestuck | CRAU

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[She's really not surprised by the people acting like NPCs. Disappointed, but unsurprised. She still asks them questions, sees what they will and will not answer, because sometimes it's what's being hidden that can tell a lot. Not that she isn't expecting to be screwed over. Of COURSE she's going to be screwed over. If nothing else, she has a fucking magic rock.]

[Never trust magic rocks granting you power.]

[But after she's bothered a bunch of NPCs, she's walking around, looking at everything. She's also wearing some....questionable fashions. This little number in tan with a kneelength skirt and legging. Plus two long scarves, one dark and light purple, one light green and black, a locket, a choker with half a heart, a fancy silver ring. Really, it doesn't work all together, but she seems happy with them.]

[She's not opening random doors, but forgive her if she wanders into lawns or something, she's not still bad with boundaries.]
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Isamu Nitta | Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne

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Home Improvement

[Isamu had to admit, the housing situation made him feel a whole lot better about everything. He's still upset, of course - still bitter about the failure of his attempts at bringing the reason of Musubi into being, but the house. It took him a little bit before he got the hang of it, but eventually he was creating different places just to test its limits.

"I wish for the reason of Musubi to come to pass." Well, this was pretty close. Granted he would preferred if this applied to everywhere, as in, if he walked out this house he would still be generating the world to his will. To see or feel only what he wanted at all times. It still wasn't his reason, really, but at the moment it calmed him in a strange way.

After all the changing, he eventually settles on a white void where he sits in the middle. He hadn't realized he left the door open, and anyone who steps inside may notice that no matter how close they walk towards Isamu it always seems like he remains at least ten feet away all the time.

Oh yeah he also has moving faces all over his chest and back and doesn't wear a shirt?]

A corrupted soulgem

[He really did it now, though he doesn't quite realize he did anything. He had spent far too much time in his house, constructing the perfect world or just sitting in his white void by himself, thinking. Days at a time. He had everything he needed or wanted in there, so why leave? But creating said worlds was taxing on his gem, which was now dark.

Isamu merely wandered the town, ignoring everyone around him just as they were doing to him (there seemed to be no reaction to his...chest faces, which wasn't unheard of but strange considering he was surrounded by full humans it seemed). He was normally a pretty chill guy, even when he got angry, but all he could do was think about failing his reason, about things he didn't even think bothered him anymore, about becoming this pseudo-fiend, even as far as thinking about his failure to protect Ms. Takao. Everything was shitty. Nothing went right. It wasn't fair. He worked hard for himself, he was dedicated, and this is what happens?

So lost in thought he doesn't see the person nearby and bumps right into them, but instead of cursing or yelling he turns and glares, having no real words and not really wanting to engage anyone right now.]


[This power business was trickier than Isamu had thought. Though it wasn't uncommon for him to get ahead of himself, or to be overconfident. But still, it's been ten minutes and he still hasn't managed to get out of his predicament.

His power, you see, allows him to generate a sphere around himself. A shiny, red, transparent, sphere. Pretty useful, should he be attacked on the spot. What's not useful is having to sit down in the fetal position in order to activate it - but fine, he can let that pass. The real problem is he has no clue how to deactivate it, and thus is stuck in this red bubble shield with his arms wrapped around his legs.]

...I almost wouldn't mind it if I couldn't still hear and see everyone around me.

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Kanade Amou | Senki Zesshou Symphogear

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Day in the Life


[ Is that a vehicle careening out of control down this hill? Nope. It's Kanade Amou, on her own two legs, running with all her might for the sheer joy of being able to give something her all without backlash. She'd wished - she'd wished without even meaning to wish, and now -

But any attempt at philosophizing is cut short as she enters town proper and realizes she's going to need to dodge. Immediately, in fact. ]
Heads up!

[ No time to dodge. So Kanade jumps, instead. Tries to jump over whoever this is. She may manage to clear this hurdle but she sure isn't going to stick the landing.

From behind you, there is a thud. And a groan. ]

A Successful Mission

Not bad, huh?

[ Kanade thumps her weighted microphone into the palm of one hand. Her only magical attack thus far has been a stat booster, not anything actually aggressive - but the mic and its stand do come in handy for whacking things. As does the whole healing powers thing. ] I could get used to singing with you, too.

A Corrupted Soul Gem

[ Crap. She knew she shouldn't have let everybody else purify their Soul Gems before hers, but Kanade has always been one to endure pain. Now it's all cloudy and weird-looking and she's...and she's....

She's thinking about all kinds of stupid stuff she thought she'd put behind her. And she can't stop.

She went to get a juice from this vending machine in the hopes it'd clear her head, but figuring out which button to press was a pain, so now she's just leaning against it with her hair smooshed against the front. ]
What am I doing.....? What am I even doing here? My revenge...

[ She can't take revenge on an enemy that isn't here. And every moment she spends cleaning up this town -

Kanade punches the vending machine. Hard. Lights flash. Something clatters below.

Hooray, Kanade. You got an orange juice. ]
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Waver Velvet | Fate/Zero (AU)

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[ooc: Relatively basic Servantswap AU, in which all seven pairs get cycled around and Waver summons Lancer/Diarmuid instead of Rider/Iskander. Don't look at me, I have a type when it comes to AU preferences.]

[a; arrival]

['I wish I was a better magus,' he'd muttered under his breath, watching from the riverbank as Lancer moved to fight Caster's monster. A stronger Master and a more accomplished magus could actually be useful, instead of a glorified spectator.]

[So when Kyubey appeared to him, Waver didn't know what to think; was this someone's familiar? Maybe belonging to that woman in white, Archer's master? Where had Caster's monster gone, where was the river and Fuyuki and-...where was Lancer? He was too stunned to really listen to the terms of what he was being offered, too stunned and too fixated on one thing: could this creature really help him? He'd opened his mouth and heard himself answer--]

[...and the next thing he knew he was dropped into a city in broad daylight, blinking against the sudden shift and smelling faintly of some cross between blood and fish.]


[He looked down to his right hand; the Command Seals were still imprinted on his skin, but far less vivid than they'd been only moments before--now they were a dull crimson instead of scarlet. Were they...inactive? But no, that wasn't possible, if they were inactive that meant--]

[Waver cursed under his breath and looked around, trying very hard not to look panicked and doing a terrible job of it. What was he supposed to do now?]

[b; may day]

[Okay. He could do this. Never mind how he wound up in some weird hellscape confronted by familiars, he could fight just fine on his own. Waver had wished to be a better mage, and he would be. All he had to do was hold his hands out, focus-]

[...and have a lance that was more than half his height manifest itself in his grip.]

What--you've got to be kidding me! I don't know how to use this-!

[c; wildcard]

[come at me bros]
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Madoka Kaname/"Gretchen" | AU | Madoka Magica

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[So Madoka here is from a universe where magical girls are mentally conditioned upon making a contract until they have experienced enough suffering and anguish to allow their witch form to half emerge. The witch is then bonded to their person, creating a monstrous human-witch hybrid. However such a magical girl, like Madoka here, can hide their alien appearance by using magic.]


[Madoka arrived half awake in the middle of a busy side walk. She held her head as if in a daze and paid no attention to anyone whose path may have been impeded by her presence. Though the citizens may see her as a normal girl of 13 or 14, those with magical inclinations may be able to see that her right arm is horribly warped and gnarled into a abnormally long and shadowy limb that ends in a claw and that her face was similarly shadowy and nearly blank save for her eyes and mouth.

She seems to be muttering something to herself as well in a tone that is barely audible unless you are within a few feet of her.]

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Jasper | Steven Universe (warning: spoilers likely)

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[Good morning! What a lovely sound to wake up to - the rasped screaming of some random newcomer with exceedingly large lungs! Its not going to be incredibly hard to find this individual - there are very few orange giants stomping around here. She's a good eight feel tall, and boy howdy, is she mad as she goes to grab the nearest unfortunate. uh, bystander.]



[...Did we mention she has no nose? Because she doesn't.]

Home Improvement

[Anyone wishing to confront Jasper (because why else would anyone talk to Jasper, to be honest? Unless it was to obey her commands, of course) may find it a bit difficult to do so. Namely, because her house is full of water. Thankfully, Jasper's figured out she can't breathe underwater here - an annoyance, in her mind - but she's made the water high enough that she could easily still walk around on the bottom without a problem. For others, that...might be a problem if they can't swim too well.

On her part, she's sitting on the ledge of a large hole (with large fists jutting through the sides) cut through solid red rock, staring at the intruder. Actually, the water is surrounded on all sides by similar holes, though all the rest are lopsided, small, all over the place. Not like the hole Jasper's sitting on, water lapping against its edge.]

What do you want?

Fighting a Nightmare

[No super strength. No super speed. Her helmet is there, and she seems to be able to take hits without too much harm, but only if she consciously uses her Gem. At least its back on her face where it belongs, like this. What the heck else did the rat take from her!? Really, there was only one other method of fighting she can think of, and her loathing to think of it actually working when her own powers didn't, is eclipsed by her desire to show these humans that she's stronger and better. Nor can she deny that the prospect of it working is...well...

With no more hesitation, she starts towards the nearest magi.]

YOU! Fuse with me, NOW!
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Adrien Agreste | Miraculous Ladybug

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A Corrupted Soul Gem

Adrien was still new to the magi life and while he had spent a great deal of time learning the ropes he managed to make one of the less fortunate rookie mistakes.

He was reading in the library when his mind began to drift to old memories from home. Not that he didn't regularly wonder what was happening back in Paris but this time he couldn't get the thoughts out of his head. Just how much had he hurt his parents by foolishly making the wish that brought him to Nyoi-Cho? His intentions had been good but that didn't change the fact he had disappeared. Had his mother felt any of this when she disappeared? Or if she didn't had he made a mistake forcing her return? Then there were all the duties he had at home as a student, as a son, as Ladybug's partner.

The senior magi had warned him about gem corruption of course but as he sat there starting to drown in his thoughts it didn't cross his mind to check the gem. He continued to sit in silence at the table there in library, staring ahead blankly with tired eyes, lost in his head.

A Day in the Life

"Do you... Know how to cook?" Adrien rubs the back of his neck as he asks one of his fellow magi. "I could use some pointers."

He could use full on lessons for that matter but he doesn't spring that request on anyone- yet. He's gotten by on eating the most basic of foods and restaurant meals thus far but as it's become apparent he's stuck in Nyoi-Cho for the long haul, learning to cook for himself has become a progressively more attractive concept.

OR Wildcard
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Leatherhead | TMNT IDW

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(Home Improvement)

[Such a drab world outside, how it nearly casts a pallour of unpleasant lifelessness. Even the exterior of his own 'assigned home' had that same design of cold alieness to it. He nearly wanted to avoid it. Nearly.

Outside it looks like the same home, but just a peek into the windows can be a peek into something odd. Doesn't get much more contrasting than a humanoid alligator in a drab house, right? More surprising is tropical atmosphere inside. Almost like a lagoon is contained within the house. Leatherhead doesn't stay for long. He dips back into the nearly gelatinous water, his head rippling through the surface. It is why he is called the Leatherhead of the lake, after all.

Moments later he disappears. Moments go by with nothing but the crystalized surface. The water is soon broken by a frothing burst of frenetic energy. Leatherhead breaches, a robot-like figure in his maw before diving down to the surface, leaving it silent as before.

He surfaces, his placid smile and passive gait miles away from the burst of violence that was before.]

Ahhh. A successful bout of both mental and physical excercise, I would say.

(A Successful Mission)

[Before he was used to merely dealing out punishment through brute force. Dipping into his instinct and violently ripping an enemy apart without thought. Here, there was more finesse. It was about...using energies. He would guess it had something to do with technology beyond his world's, maybe even beyond the Utrom's...nonetheless, it was a learning curve.

But once he had swerved into that curve? He found such energy, 'magic', wasn't all cerebral. No, he found himself tapping into emotions. Emotions like anger and vindication. And oh, how good it felt to tear into an oppoent with such abilities.

He had to keep himself from smiling when it was over. Yes, only look relieved.]

I don't consider myself taking a liking to power...but I do enjoy overcoming an obstacle.

[Even with the strange choice in attire. But ah...what's this? He seems his mouth is smoking now. He can breathe fire, it seems. Oh yes, this is a pleasant development.]
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Mohammad Abdul | Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (CW: Mentions of Death & Amputation)

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[Abdul knows how it ended, so that makes everything all right. The missing limbs. The not being there to finish the fight. The answers he will never have. The betrayal and hurt he is sure Polnareff felt when Abdul went against his own advice and saved the Frenchman and Iggy at the price of his own life.

It is all an acceptable trade and coming here an acceptable price, since it means he has been able to continue to aid them in their fight with DIO, even if they will never know that the fire Magician's Red started in that last moment was anything more a startled response to the attack of an enemy Stand.

What Abdul finds less acceptable is the missing part of his soul. It is the first thing he notices when the pain fades. How can he not know immediately that the companion he was born with is not there? While it is not possible, here he sits and cannot deny it is true.

Magician's Red is gone.

That was not part of the deal, and Abdul cannot help but feel the heat of anger rise inside of him. That creature must have known and not told him. Had it thought he would change his mind if he knew?

Was part of his soul worth the outcome he had been shown?

The question is honestly one he does not even have to think about, which is why the simmering anger quickly decreases. Abdul takes a deep breath and then slowly lets it out, allowing the release drive away the rest of his anger. Anger gone, he lapses into his usual calm and begins to analyze his current condition.

His arms are gone from slightly above the elbow down. It is farther than he thought when the Stand took him, but it is not as if he had much of a chance to consider it then. His mind was focused on protecting Polnareff and Iggy at the time. If he still had Magician's Red, it would be less of a problem. His Stand could fill in for his hands at least for some things. Considering he does not, dealing with his missing limbs is going to be his primary concern in the short term.

At least his legs are strong enough to get him from a sitting position to a standing one without him needing his arms. All those walks from his shop to his home finally have come in handy, not that he minded them at the time.

A sigh slips from his mouth, followed by a soft tsk as he looks at how the arms of his robe fall.]

You are making things difficult for me even here, Stand User whose name I do not know.

[Were there more left of his arms, he could easily hide what was missing by maneuvering the folds of his sleeves. Without elbows, though, he has no way to move the sleeves inward as if he were merely holding his hands in front if himself or crossing his arms over his chest.

Oddly enough, even as he thinks about it, the sleeves of his robe flutter, shifting as if a soft wind has blown through them. However, no wind would adjust them exactly into the position he was just thinking about. His dark eyes narrow and begin to scan the area, seeking out a sign that someone else is around. Someone with a Stand.

But that cannot be. There are no Stands here. So what is causing the sleeves of his robe to move in such an unnatural way? Randomly, he thinks about them dropping back into place and then blinks in surprise when they do.


Has he lost one ability, only to have gained another? Mental abilities are not unknown to him. Telepathy, precognition, pyrokinesis. The last is what he would refer to his Stand abilities as when he talked to those who did not have Stands themselves and could not see Magician's Red. Only in this case, there is no fire. Just movement.


How very interesting this place is. It seems I have much to learn.

[A grin lights up his features. It has been a lot time since he had the chance to learn something new. He is looking forward to it.]

Day in the Life:

[The stall is not as large as the shop Abdul had in Khan el-Khalili, but it will do. If fact, the smaller size will work to his advantage considering it will be easier to shroud everything but what he wants to be seen in darkness. In this case, the darkness will serve a more important purpose than to set the mood. It will make it easier for him to pull off the sleight of hand--or, perhaps that should be sleight of telekinesis--he will now need to be able to lay out the tarot spreads he use to be able to do in his sleep.

There is only the slightest shift and Abdul has changed form his normal clothes to his magi uniform. As the change happens, the corner of his mouth pulls up in a smirk. How fitting his full robes were chosen for this. Be his title fortuneteller, magi, or magician, he certainly looks the part at the moment.

A deck of tarot cards appears and floats in front of him for a moment before settling on a candlelit table nearby. Only the Major Arcana, but it will do. It is not the deck he carried with him back home, but he cannot deny the razor edges on these will make things even showier as he does his work.

Time to see how open the people of this city are to letting chance and fate guide their way.]


Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

[The short, clipped sounds of disapproval are echoed by his footsteps as Abdul moves to a point where he can clearly see the largest familiar in this Nightmarescape. That must be the boss. The one that must be eliminated in order to cleanse this place of taint.

There is a slight shift about him as if the wind has picked up, and suddenly, several tarot cards circle his head, sharpened edges glinting deadly in the light.]

It is a shame it has no clue that the future holds no place for it.

[One of the card suddenly spins out, as if thrown by a hand. It cleanly splits in two a familiar who had the gall to try and sneak up behind Abdul, before returning to hover near his head once more.]

I do grow tired of the enemy attacking me from behind.

[His gaze shifts to the defeated familiar and then returns to the boss. This may be his first Nightmare, but it is far from his first battle. His confidence is not the least bit shaken by the newness of his powers or his enemy.]

Come, I will send you back to hell.