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July / August Test Drive

Test Drive Meme


Arrival: So you've just arrived in Nyoi-Cho. Congratulations! You must be so excited about having your wish granted. Or maybe you're upset that the result wasn't quite what you expected? If that's the case, then that's too bad! There are no take backs and no redoes, so you're stuck with what you have! Maybe you should have been more careful about how you worded that wish...

Oh well. There's no use in dwelling on it. You're a magi now, and that means adjusting to a whole new lifestyle! Maybe one of the townspeople can help you out.

Only... they're acting a bit strangely, aren't they? They're all too happy to show you around, but there's something unsettling about the way they're behaving. Almost cheerfully dissonant. Any questions about the history of the town are met with blank stares and brief silence, before they plaster a smile onto their faces and change the subject. Any attempts to tell them about your duties as a magi or anything else that relates to the magical will get similar reactions.

Isn't there anyone normal here that you can talk to at all?

Home Improvement: The houses that the magi are given access to really are something, aren't they? There's almost no limit to what they can do! Why don't you create the house of your dreams, or maybe recreate and relive your favorite childhood scenes? Invite some spectators over to marvel!

A Corrupted Soul Gem: You neglected to take care of your soul gem, and now you don't feel quite yourself anymore. You feel like you're losing your sense of self - all you seem to be able to focus on is your old regrets and past failures. What's happening to you?

A Day in the Life: Everyday hero by day, magician by night! You've got a busy day ahead of you and no time to waste! Maybe it's school, or maybe it's work, maybe it's both! Being magical doesn't make you exempt from paying those shopping bills!

May Day: Uh-oh. This magical girl stuff looked easier on TV. You're in some serious trouble! Or maybe you see someone else who is! It's time to pull up your socks and show them what you have. Be the hero you've always wanted to be, or give in and be that damsel in distress. There's no shame in needing a little help now and then.

A Successful Mission: Congratulations! You met up with your first Nightmare, and you fought valiantly. You even mastered that tricky power of yours! As if in response to your masterful victory, you feel as though you've unlocked a new power. What sort of power did you get? Is it a useful one, or is it not so useful? Maybe you've mastered it beautifully, and now you're showing off to all of your friends. Maybe you're having a hard time keeping it under wraps, and now you're wreaking havoc across the town without meaning to!

A Dreadful Nightmare: You had an absolutely horrid day. As you drift off to sleep, your mind dwells on all the injustices you've had to endure. In response, your bed swallows you up, and your room shifts into a horrific Nightmarescape. What sort of Nightmare are you? What kind of Nightmarescape do you create? Hopefully your fellow magi can stop you before you cause too much damage!

Wildcard: Feel free to use any information from the FAQ or the World Info page to make your own prompt!
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Zelgadis Graywords | Slayers

[personal profile] gathersnomoss 2016-07-01 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
A Day in the Life
It is a beautiful day. Zelgadis has time off and he is going to be Aggressively Normal. In the morning, he's going for a walk along the beach. In the afternoon, shopping and running errands. He seems remarkably enthusiastic about things like feeding the birds in the park or wading in the ocean.

Look, he spent years looking for a way to have a human body again, and the novelty of it hasn't worn off. This might be a strange world and he's stuck fighting evil by moonlight, but at least he can contemplate going for a swim without massive amounts of flotation devices.

Come say hello.

May Day
"Damn it..." Of course, the problem with such a wish, is that Zelgadis has spent years being both a sorcerer and being made of stone, so fighting anything means re-learning instincts. Like that he can't shoot fire from his hands and has to rely on mundane weaponry. And that while having one's soul disconnected from one's body has some effects, your skin still can't turn blades. So, Zelgadis is making a strategic retreat, holding his arm, while a Nightmare made of knives is chasing him down.
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[personal profile] maybefox 2016-07-01 06:49 pm (UTC)(link)
And while one of them had wished to be normal here... One of them had actually just been trying to maybe kill the hell out of a cute magic asshole. It is still a work in progress.

In the meantime, he's haunting the beach, far too overdressed for it and with zero intention of going near the ocean. And vaguely cranky. He is however, unwaveringly staring at Zelgadis. No one ever told him that wasn't polite apparently.
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[personal profile] gathersnomoss 2016-07-01 09:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Zelgadis was used to getting stares. Now, of course, he didn't have an obvious reason why. Okay, maybe he was being a bit silly, but he's seen people do some damn silly things.

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[personal profile] maybefox 2016-07-01 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
No, there wouldn't seem to be any reason why he was staring. In fact, when it is noted... He does the exact thing a professional douchebag would do and sllloooowly looks somewhere else. Not even hiding the fact he'd been impolite.

"My apologies. My mind was wandering."
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"Right. Well, it's a good day for it." See Zelgadis awkwardly try to make small talk, a habit he's not had much use for.
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And the worst person to practice with too.

"Mm? For staring or for daydreaming, sir? I would imagine the latter is better for more drab days."
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[personal profile] gathersnomoss 2016-07-02 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
"Unless you want to be outside," Zelgadis said.
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A day in the life

[personal profile] upadly_aniol 2016-07-01 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
It's strange to see someone lazing around like this. Shouldn't this stranger be fighting witches and nightmares?

Mitsunari himself spends his days searching for Witches and Nightmares to fight, the more the better. How else can he show the endless gratitude he has for the fact that his Wish has been so perfectly fulfilled?

And so, he just passes Zelgadis by, giving him a glance full of contempt and mutters, "I can see that your wish wasn't worth much, you wasteful fool."

And then he plans to just be on his way, to find the next Witch, Nightmare, anything. After all, the wording of his Wish was such that the Wish is fulfilled - that his Lord is alive - only as long as Mitsunari feels that he, Mitsunari, is continuing to pay the price for it. Which might have been a slight mistake. But Mitsunari Ishida doesn't think it's a mistake. And so, everyday, he's paying. He truly doesn't mind, as he loves fighting in the name of his Lord.
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Re: A day in the life

[personal profile] gathersnomoss 2016-07-01 09:29 pm (UTC)(link)
"My wish is worth enough that I'm going to enjoy every day of having it," Zelgadis said. "If I don't use this chance, there was no point in making it at all."

Yes, there was still the matter of making a living, and paying for the wish. But Zelgadis thought he had it under control. He'd set a budget and everything. And he knew eventually all of this would seem routine, but now it felt like he was free and walking on air and he was going to savor this, even if the Rules Police over here wasn't.
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"Ah. So you made some small wish for yourself, is that it? Tch, then I won't waste my time talking to you."

Wishing for oneself sounded like a sort of thing that that man would do, and so, Mitsunari wanted no part of it. To even talk to somebody of the similar personality filled him with an utter disgust.

Tch. The stranger over there wished for himself, and so, when some witch killed him, he would die only for himself, for nobody else. How pathetic. In other words, his whole life would be worth nothing, would achieve nothing.

Mitsunari was different, and he took pride in that.
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[personal profile] gathersnomoss 2016-07-04 01:42 am (UTC)(link)
"Be that way," Zelgadis said. "But living for another person is what got me into a mess that required a wish to get out of."

To be honest, Zelgadis suspected that nothing he could do would have resisted Rezo when Rezo wanted to use him as a guinea pig. But he expected strangers to take advantage of other people; family should have been different.
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and now I realise that if Mitsun ever learned about Zel's deal with Rezo, he'd consider Zel a

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[horrible, odious, pathetic ingrate who doesn't deserve to live and why hasn't Rezo killed him yet? Tsun morality... /ooc.]

"I knew it. You're only living for yourself. Pathetic."

Glares at him. "Whether you had chosen a worthless fool to serve, once upon a time, or whether you just weren't loyal enough, faithful enough, to your Lord, I know not. And care not."

"If your only solution now is to serve only your worthless self, because you were once torn or tore yourself, that's a weakling's and coward's solution. I don't care. I have given my body, mind, and soul to my Lord, for it's the least I could offer him in gratitude for being my saviour and now, I paid some alien creature for his life with my soul and my servitude. And I shall never regret it.

Maybe your small Lord isn't great enough to deserve such service from you, seeing as I almost can sense disappointment from you. Or maybe you're just weak and the one who was a disppointment was you."
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Re: and now I realise that if Mitsun ever learned about Zel's deal with Rezo, he'd consider Zel a

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Zelgadis glared. "Well, I can see my words are wasted on you. Maybe you'll luck out and your lord will appreciate what he got from you. It's not like he can ask for more at this point."
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Mitsunari begins to shout at that, though momentarily more excited - he likes talking about this - than truly angry.

"I'm only here for Hidyoshi-sama. And if he asked anything more of me, I'd always do it, and more. I brought my Lord back to life with my Wish - but I never wish to hear anyone praising me for that, never! For I was only doing my duty as the vassal of Hideyoshi-sama; it was the least I could do."

And then he adds, like an afterthought. "To do otherwise would only be damnation to my insignificant soul."
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"... All right then." That sure is a lot of enthusiasm about self-sacrifice. It's... pretty unsettling actually.
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[one tired glare] I'd never expect a lazy man whose life noone gave a value and price, to understand. I know your kind - your life amounts to nothing. What could you possibly wish for? Don't make me laugh...

[turns away]
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If you care, you can ask.

[But he doesn't think Mutsinari cares]