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Zelgadis Graywords | Slayers

A Day in the Life
It is a beautiful day. Zelgadis has time off and he is going to be Aggressively Normal. In the morning, he's going for a walk along the beach. In the afternoon, shopping and running errands. He seems remarkably enthusiastic about things like feeding the birds in the park or wading in the ocean.

Look, he spent years looking for a way to have a human body again, and the novelty of it hasn't worn off. This might be a strange world and he's stuck fighting evil by moonlight, but at least he can contemplate going for a swim without massive amounts of flotation devices.

Come say hello.

May Day
"Damn it..." Of course, the problem with such a wish, is that Zelgadis has spent years being both a sorcerer and being made of stone, so fighting anything means re-learning instincts. Like that he can't shoot fire from his hands and has to rely on mundane weaponry. And that while having one's soul disconnected from one's body has some effects, your skin still can't turn blades. So, Zelgadis is making a strategic retreat, holding his arm, while a Nightmare made of knives is chasing him down.

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