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The Medicine Seller ([personal profile] maybefox) wrote in [community profile] souljammed 2016-07-01 01:06 pm (UTC)

The Medicine Seller | Mononoke

[A Successful Mission]

It wasn't as if he was a stranger to battle to begin with. He did have an issue or two with the magical outfit. ... Namely the stockings. Too close fitting. In any case, he'd learned something useful.

Light bombs. How handy, now he wouldn't have to waste precious gun powder anymore. Yes, it did come with a visual downside. One he was apparently just ignoring the hell out of.

Nine flowing, bushy fox tails busily getting in the way of everything. He really doesn't give a shit if they knock drinks over or smack someone upside the head. He's got better things to do than be bothered by that.

Watch your step.

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