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Pokey Minch ([personal profile] ceasetoexist) wrote in [community profile] souljammed 2017-04-16 07:50 pm (UTC)

The goatkid is still one of Pokey's favorite people here.

Pokey gravitated towards Asriel at first because he recognized how hard these places can be for a kid. He ended up sticking with Asriel because he just liked the kid and liked being able to look out for him. Learning more and more about Asriel, who he is and how broken he is, has just made Pokey feel closer to him. The brokenness and fear and pain that Asriel has experienced from that position is something Pokey can relate to and empathize with to a large degree. Selfishly part of Pokey wants to help Asriel to and hope to see Asriel grow because he wants to imagine he can help Asriel, that he himself has changed enough.

This event has put kind of a stopper in that.

That doesn't mean he's going to leave Asriel. Oh no. He still cares a ton for Asriel and is going to stick by him and make sure he's safe, but he doesn't know if he actually has the ability to care for and help Asriel in the way Asriel needs. He's going to always be their for support, but Pokey will always be sure that his advice, aside from keeping Asriel safe, is bad for Asriel. Pokey's honestly not going to be Pokey for at least a little while after the event, but he'll always be there for Asriel.

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