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Horror Movie AU Meme


1. post a comment with your character. either blank, with a starting prompt, or preferences.
2. tag someone and roll for a prompt.
3. try not to die!

warnings for gore, sexual content, death and violence.

1. halloween.
There's a killer on the loose in your sleepy town; a monster in a mask that waits in the shadows, stalking a single target. People are dying all around you - the only question is... are you the victim, or are you the killer?

2. carrie.
The classic tale of the high school outcast. While you've never fit in, you know it's not just because of a strange upbringing or differing interests. No, there's something more to you. Though you try to fit in you've never managed it and have accepted your status at the bottom of the barrel.

3. the ring.
You didn't question it when the movie arrived in the mail, suspecting it to be a long lost relative's gift to your mother. You really don't think anything of it at all, until suddenly people are dying. You don't want to watch, you're positive you shouldn't - but you do.

Then seven days is all you have.

4. hellraiser.
You've found a puzzle-box and solved its riddle - and now you're in another dimension where denizens of hell wearing leather and carrying S & M gear want to give you pleasure by literally tearing you apart. Welcome to Hell.

5. saw.
Your sins are coming back to haunt you. You've hurt someone, be it by your ignorance, selfishness or by far more drastic means, and someone has taken notice. Suddenly you're in a trap fitted just for you, suited to your heinous crimes - there's only one way out.

You've got to play a little game.

6. the shining
Out in the wilderness in the most beautiful, extravagant place you've ever seen, but without modern conveniences, only your own thoughts and each other's company. The hotel is a labyrinth. Chairs seem to move without being touched, blood appears on the walls and corpses in the rooms. You're stressed, they're stressed - you fear that soon you will both be insane.

7. 28 days later.
These aren't zombies. Zombies are slow, zombies are killable - these are Infected. They're fast and they're hungry. There's no chance to reason with them. You just need to run, lay low, hope that no one will find you and that you can avoid infection yourself.

Be mindful of the people around you. You never know who is a carrier and who isn't.

8. jennifer's body.
You were murdered for "the greater good". Shame the people who did it didn't read up on their Satanic rituals. You've come back. Maybe better than ever... but wrong. You can't stop the cravings. You want it, you need it. And you're going to get it.

9. poltergeist.
A new home, a fresh start. When things begin to go wrong you don't think too much of it, not until things start to get violent. Be careful how you proceed.

10. rosemary's baby. (option b: the omen)
a baby should be a bundle of joy and you've been wanting to start a family for some time... but things aren't quite right. the neighbors are eerily interested in your bundle of joy, you've been having weird dreams and alarming cravings - something just isn't right.

11. let the right one in.
You've never had a friend before. Your new neighbor says that is what you are, and who are you to question them? They're a little strange, they speak as if they're much older than they are - but you like them, and they like you. You can ignore the bloodstains on their lips and the haunted look in their eyes if it means having a friend.

12. a nightmare on elm street.
Don't sleep. Don't doze. Don't even daydream. You're paying for your parent's justice and in dreams, no one can hear you scream. You'd best hope you can band against the nightmares together because if you can't, your worst nightmare may just be your list.

13. the thing.
It could be any one of you. You don't know what it is or how it got here, but it's capable of taking your form and pretending to be yours. Pay close attention to their clothes, to the way they speak, don't share drinks - keep close and never, ever let go of that flamethrower.

14. silence of the lambs.
There's a killer on the loose and your only solution is to consult another, far more sinister monster. You don't trust them, they're fascinated with you. This can't end well.

15. alien.
Face huggers, chest bursters and xenomorphs. You need to run before they make you their next host.

16. jaws.
Killer sealife is terrorizing your coastal town. The reward for killing the monster is great, but if you value your life you won't go near that water.

17. the exorcist.
Demonic possessions and those who solve them. Keep your rosaries close and be mindful of flying green vomit.

18. misery.
You've been badly hurt. Someone has been kind enough to take you into your home and nurse you back to health - you think. You're not getting much better, and they don't seem too keen on letting you call your family to let them know where you are.

19. pet semetary.
Someone you love has died. A child, a spouse, a close friend maybe. You're awash with grief before you realize that you have the answer. Go to where the ground has soured, bury them amongst the rocks and return to your home and your friends.

Soon, everything will be well.

20. blair witch project.
All you wanted to do was make a documentary about an urban legend. That's all you wanted to do. Now your group is going missing. You can't find your way out of the forest, and you're being stalked by a monster.

21. psycho.
You don't feel safe here. You don't trust the charismatic owner, yet you can't place your finger on why. Be mindful of that shower.

22. cabin in the woods.
Four friends go on a camping trip. Good friends, good booze, and some good bud will get you through the lengthy spring break. But as you head into the basement you notice something eerie, masks and other odd, assorted knicknacks that have no place in a family home.

What will you pick?

23. ginger snaps.
A beast bit you. Something big, something hairy. Bigger than a bear and twice as aggressive. now you're not yourself - you're more confident, more attractive, more assertive. But you're slowly losing yourself. you start to sprout fur, your eyes change color, suddenly everyone you care about looks more like a snack than a close, concerned friend. Can you find a cure for the beast within?

24. cabin fever.
Something's wrong with the water. the animals are acting strange. they're sick - their fur is coming off. your friends seem to be sick too, covered in sores and oozing blood from every orifice. You need to get help. You need to get the hell out of here before you catch it too. Did you drink from the canteen too? You just can't remember.

25. final destination.
You and the person who tags you have cheated death. For now. Death has a way of finding everyone when it comes time, and your number is up. Suddenly, everything and everyone is a potential threat. How do you beat the inevitable?

26. creepy.
You've just moved into a new neighborhood, and one of your neighbors seems a little strange. At first, they're bad-tempered and volatile; they misinterpret innocent questions on your part as prying, intrusive ones, and they explode angrily at you for seemingly no reason. However, as time passes, they quickly warm up to you and turn into the most congenial neighbor. In fact, they might be a little too friendly - they're always coming over to your place unannounced, or inviting you over to theirs while refusing to take no for an answer. They're charming, but there's something unsettling about their behavior, too.

And what's this you're hearing on the news about a string of unsolved disappearances and identity thefts?

27. cure (side a).
News of a bizarre series of murders, all committed by different people, is taking the nation by storm. All the victims are killed in the same way - by the gruesome "X" that's carved into their throats - but the murderers themselves have nothing linking them, no motive for murdering, nothing to explain their strange crimes.

...Save for a single person, who met with each of them shortly before they committed their inexplicable murders.

Sometime after you meet them for yourself, you come to the realization that they are a hypnotist, and that you alone seem to be strangely resistant to their hypnotic techniques.

No matter, though. Now they've taken an interest in you, and they've other tricks at their disposal.

28. cure (side b).
You're in a committed relationship with someone, but things haven't been so great lately. You've tried to take care of them and stay by their side, but your patience has been stretched to its thinnest point; they're not the person they used to be. They've become completely dependent on you, and there's no trace of the self-sufficiency they used to have.

You've begun to have idle visions of them dying a violent death.

29. ju-on.
You've entered a place you shouldn't have. A gruesome murder was once committed here, and the grudge of the wronged still clings to this place - they're out for revenge, and their suffering and fury has blinded them to the point where they no longer care whom they're getting it on.

Now that they've set their sights on you, it doesn't matter how far you try to run. They'll chase you until they finally have you in their grasp, and when they do, they'll make you suffer a fate even worse than theirs.

30. grotesque.
You and someone very dear to you have been kidnapped by a madman with a very particular proclivity. He promises to let one of you go, but only if you can move him with the strength of your bond: if one of you willingly subjects themselves to humiliating, arduous, and painful activities for the sake of the other, the other will be saved.

How far are you willing to go? And can you really trust the words of this madman?

31. tomie.
You've fallen in love.

The subject of your infatuation, though, isn't exactly what one might expect. They respond enthusiastically to your advances one minute, then coldly spurn them the next. They're cruel and controlling, and to top it all off, they're highly jealous and manipulative as well. If anyone else occupies your attention, they might even try to talk you into killing that person.

You're crazy about them. You feel like you'll lose your mind if you can't be with them, but... Can you really continue to grant all of their increasingly unreasonable demands?

32. pulse.
You've gotten a glimpse of the existences that ghosts lead, and it's a terrifyingly lonely, meaningless one. The sight has irrevocably changed you, siphoning your motivations and willpower from your body. Now that you know what awaits you when you die, everything seems so bleak and pointless. Worse yet, there are others around you who've seen the things you did, and all of them faded away into black stains in the ground once they lost all hope and succumbed to their brokenheartedness.

Everyone you care about is gone. Entire cities of people have become desolate overnight. There's just one glimmering source of hope, though: you've met another survivor, and now they're the only one stopping you from being truly alone. If you try to eke out a new life with them, can you stop each other from falling into despair?

33. cube.
You wake up in a strange place - a massive structure, divided up into small cubes. Some of the cubes are safe to pass through. Some contain deadly traps that must first be successfully disarmed. It seems that there are rules this place operates on; certain rooms will always contain traps, and certain rooms will always be safe.

A stranger is with you, and it seems that they've a particular talent that may be able to aid you. With your combined skills, will you be able to figure this out and escape?

34. doppelganger.
You've met your perfect counterpart. At first, you take to each other immediately; it's nice to have someone around who can balance you out completely. If you're too timid, they're bold and take-charge. If you're afraid to speak your mind, they do it for you. As time passes, though, you come to the horrifying realization that you're quickly being replaced.

Everyone is charmed by them - more charmed by them than they are of you. Everyone enjoys their company more, and soon, they no longer think of you.

What can you do to reclaim your place?

35. the king's game.
You've been summoned to a classroom by a sender only identifying themselves as "the King." When you arrive, you see that you are not alone. A set of rules greets you all.

1. All students in the class shall participate.
2. After receiving an order from the King, the order must be completed within 24 hours.
3. People who do not complete their order shall be punished.
4. Withdrawing from the game is not allowed.

As orders are given out - and soon afterwards punishments for those who refuse to carry them out - you realize that your life is on the line. How far are you willing to go in in order to survive?

36. the wailing.
A strange plague is afflicting your village. Those who fall ill physically and mentally deteriorate at a rapid pace and are driven to acts of murderous violence. Rumors spread that someone is practicing witchcraft, placing a curse on this village.

In desperation, the villagers have begun to point fingers at each other; perhaps you're one of them, or perhaps you're just one of the unfortunate accused.

XX. wildcard! make your own!
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[For his part, Mettaton doesn't really respond back. He's still recovering from the shock, and that requires enough time for his systems to correct and his few senses to clear up.

His hearing comes back properly just in time to hear the tape play, and after it's done, he doesn't...really have much to say. But it does explain why he feels so tired and weak if his SOUL is damaged.

His eye shifts to fall on the container just off to the side of Asriel--easily overlooked, since it was some distance away. Was that what the tape was talking about? Was...there really Determination in there?]

What...what the hell is going on?

[He'd just had it explained, but Mettaton still doesn't understand, not at all. Who had done this?! What kind of fucking game was this?! Their lives...their lives were at risk for what, someone's sick enjoyment?]
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[Asriel can't respond for several, long moments. Someone knew what he was.

Someone knew what he's done.

And they were going to make him pay for it. It's what he deserved, by far. But why would they bring Mettaton into it? The tape listed the reasons for both their crimes, but Mettaton didn't deserve this kind of punishment...

His eyes drift towards the beaker. It needs a soul's worth of dust... his dust. He'd have to...

Asriel doesn't go for the dismember option just yet. Maybe the tape was bluffing? The sinking feeling in his stomach tells him no, but he moves towards the tank first.

If he's going to hurt himself, he's going to start with the tank. He swipes at it with his claws, beats on it with his fists - anything to see if he can make a dent.]
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[Mettaton quietly hopes that Asriel can make a difference with brute force. For a few seconds, he dares himself to hope.

But as expected, neither claws nor force cause much more than surface damage. Tiny scratches on the glass of a vat braced with decrepit-looking, deceivingly strong metal.]

...Asriel, just...just stop. Don't listen to it, alright?

[He shifts slightly--very carefully because he doesn't want to set off the shock again--and then he addresses the young boss monster again.]

Don't play the game.

[What is he saying, he knows what's going to happen to him, and Mettaton is a little apprehensive of the prospect of his legs being melted off. Ah, but that was the point, wasn't it? The voice was trying to make a statement. It knew things about them.

It knew how terribly fond Mettaton was of this body, of his legs. It sought to take them from him. But even still...]

I won't be manipulated and neither should you.
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[By the time Asriel gives up, he already feels himself getting exhausted. And it's not breaking the tank.

Mettaton tells him not to play. In less than 10 minutes, the supposed acid would start to pour in. Asriel couldn't let that happen. He's not sure if the tape is bluffing or not, but he doesn't want Mettaton to die that way. It's a horrific death, far more awful than anything Asriel could invent.]

I'm still going to get you out. I'm going to look and see if there's something that can open up the tank.

[And Asriel starts to search around the room, looking for a switch or something heavy enough to swing at the glass.]
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[There's little in the room besides the metal case and the tape player. Both were too large to fit in the beaker.

Mettaton doesn't remind Asriel that the game's stipulations mention he only needs the amount of dust that a dying SOUL would produce. It's not that he wants the boy to sacrifice his own flesh, but...neither does he want to put his own SOUL on the line. After all, it's damaged.

He's still...just a little apprehensive of how brutal Asriel can be.]

...What are you going to do if you can't?
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[Asriel's frustrations and fear grows as the room turns up nothing. No hidden switches, nothing to use as a tool, just... that beaker.

And then Mettaton asks that question. Asriel stops what he's doing to look up - to see what expression Mettaton is wearing. The real answer that Mettaton is expecting is probably along the lines of "well, leave you to die of course!"

After all, Asriel was a very selfish person. That's why he's here. He's killed his own parents! Murdered them in such cruel, awful ways... and he didn't even feel bad about it! He's destroyed lives, reset, and then destroyed them in newer and more creative ways. Surely, the answer here is obvious.

Asriel doesn't answer Mettaton, maybe scans the room one more time before realizing there was only one way to do this, and he's sure Mettaton's time is almost out. He starts moving towards the beaker and holds out his hand.

Just need teeth and claws right? He debates how to do this, maybe in a poor attempt to buy him a little more time. His hand starts to tremble as Asriel leans forward, gently placing his teeth around his wrist.]
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[Mettaton probably looked as unsettled as Asriel must have felt, dangling as he was from the ceiling. He had meant the question honestly. What would Asriel do?

Turns out...the answer isn't one that Mettaton agrees with because as soon as he sees Asriel's mouth open, jaws affixing around his own arm, the robot begins to struggle. He knows it's going to hurt if he jostles the chain too much but--]

No, don't! Asriel, don't you dare! You can't do that, it's...it's your arm!
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cw mutilation

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[Asriel flinches for a moment, and the expression that Mettaton gets out of him screams that every part of him doesn't want to do this. But he doesn't let go, if he does, he won't be able to go through with it.

He won't be able to save Mettaton, and he'll be forced to watch him slowly dissolve and die.

He can't do that either. Just... a soul's worth of dust, right? Asriel's jaw tightens, large teeth poking through fur. It already hurts a little, and Asriel's nostrils flare up as he huffs and breaths rapidly.

After working up the courage, he decides to bite down as hard as he possibly can - opting to do damage to himself as fast as possible, instead of slowing sinking his teeth in and drawing it out. Fangs pierce into his arm, and there's a muffled scream that grows louder as Asriel keeps sinking his teeth in further.

His eyes close tight with large tears forming immediately at the corners of his eyes, and his whole body shakes with pain.

But dust starts to brush off from the wound - slowly. Asriel might have to wrench the teeth in his arm to get it out faster.]
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No, no!! Asriel, don't. God, please stop...!!

[Mettaton struggles harder, the sound of the young boss monster's pain making him frantic. The rising hum and the painful shock seizes him again and he yells for a different reason than Asriel. Perhaps it's...almost a blessing. The distraction takes him from having to watch Asriel's arm begin to dissolve into small puffs of dust.

He was cruel at times, but Mettaton couldn't bear the thought of enduring that kind of pain, much less hearing it consciously.

He takes his own pain and uses it to drown out Asriel's.

Selfish. Selfish! SELFISH!!!]
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[Likewise, Asriel has to stay focused rather than what he wants to do - look up and check on Mettaton. His yell nearly cuts through Asriel's concentration and for a moment, Asriel thinks that he's failed.

But it's not acid, it's... electricity? He can't see very well right now, but he can hear something crackle.

Dust continues to pour out, but not fast enough. It's not enough, he's not going to be able to save him oh god it hurts so much it hurts so much please help me-

Sweat and tears stick to his fur as he continues "working" on his arm, wrenching his teeth in a violent jerk. Gnawing through it like an animal that's trying to free itself from a trap. Each tear gets deeper, each muffled, agonized shriek gets louder. His vision blacks out for a moment - and it's almost a welcomed relief.

The dust comes faster.]
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[Mettaton groans as the electricity fades, forcing his eyes to refocus as soon as he's able. This...this wasn't right. Asriel didn't deserve this, no matter what the tape had said.]

Nnngh, why are you...doing this?

[He murmurs it quietly, still recovering from his stupid stunt. Once he's able to properly see, Mettaton winces.

The beaker's over halfway full of dust, and yet...somehow he doesn't feel relieved about it. Who would, knowing that the only other monster here was sacrificing his arm?]

I'm not...worth that kind of trouble...
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[Asriel can't answer him, it'd require him removing his teeth. His can barely see the beaker but... it's not quite there yet. His chest aches in despair, knowing that this pain isn't over yet.

The screams die off, soft moans of pain and sobbing echoing through the room. He's bit and chewed through his arm enough to reach bone, but he keeps jerking and pulling anyway.

His hand is close to being separated from his wrist.

Asriel desperately wants to beg that he can pass out from this, but then Mettaton would die...]
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[Asriel's agony isn't completely over yet, but at the very least, after a few painful moments, the jar is finally filled and a few motes of dust puff over the top of the etched line. The tape was as good as its word, and there's a loud noise as the chain begins to wind further up, pulling Mettaton up and out of the water.

He's not yet free. He can't heal Asriel, he can't even get the opportunity...]

Asriel. Honey...you can stop. Please just stop...
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[The sound of the chain moving finally gets Asriel to stop ripping into his arm, his vision fading in and out. But after a few, agonizing long moments, he finally sees Mettaton being lifted up.

He's okay... well, at the very least, safe from being melted.

There's a high pitched whine of pain as Asriel tries pulling his teeth out, opening his mouth in a loud gasp. What's left of his hand crumbles into dust, leaving behind a stump of an arm. The awful taste of dust fills his mouth as he tries to force himself to breathe again.

Sharp, white hot pain throbs through his arm. But it's not over yet, there's still that syringe...

He needs a few moments before he can attempt that though. He uses his good arm to find something to keep himself from collapsing to his knees. He opens his mouth to say something... all that comes out is a strained, painful noise a wounded animal would make.]
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[Asriel sacrificed his hand.

He sacrificed his own flesh to prevent Mettaton from being dissolved--no. Not just sacrificed, he'd gnawed the hand and part of his arm completely off. The robot couldn't begin to thank him, but then again, there was still more to go through.

And he probably wouldn't thank Asriel for using Determination on him. Mettaton knows what it can do. He knows what kind of abominations such a substance can create.]

When I get down...I'll heal you. I promise.

[What else can he say?]
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[Asriel shakes his head. The action makes him dizzy, and he's surprised he's still conscious enough to do it.

But finally, he finds his voice.]

W-when I use that syringe, I'll use it on myself first... maybe it'll let me break the chain without me having to use it on you too.

[Because Asriel was the one who deserved this. He deserved to die slowly. Mettaton didn't need to suffer for what Asriel's done.

Maybe by the end of all this, death would end up being a mercy anyway.]
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[...Somehow, despite all the thoughts he'd just had about not wanting to be injected with that vile matter, Mettaton finds himself feeling...angry?]

You shouldn't.

[His expression, previously regretful and subdued, changes to a more...determined expression. Maybe a little angry. That's mostly a front for his fear, however]

But...if you're going to do that...then forget about me. I'm going to die anyway...get yourself out.

[That's what the tape had said. And it had specified he'd die without any kind of grandeur. Just...dying.

Haha. He was already dying, wasn't he? Again, he'd break his promise to Asriel. But then...it was the one good thing he could do for the kid. Take away the trouble of looking after a selfish robot.]
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[Asriel looks guilty in return. The tape said the only way to keep Mettaton from dying was Determination. Even if Asriel used it on himself to free Mettaton, it... it wouldn't be enough to keep Mettaton's soul intact.

Mettaton would die before Asriel could help him escape.

The thought of injecting himself sends a chill of fear down his spine... especially after the agony he suffered a few minutes ago.]

I won't let you die.

[It's as simple as that. Asriel doesn't care what happens to himself, but...]

I'm going to get you out.
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[Goddamn it, Asriel won't let him help at all, will he? He's been trying so hard to let himself go, but he can't, because he won't be allowed.

What a pair they were, trying to sacrifice one another to save a...friend? Were they friends? Yes, perhaps. But also self-sacrificing. Not an attractive trait.]

...Do what you like. But you don't have to. You paid your pain to spare me mine. If you want to turn away...you can.

[Asriel has Mettaton's permission to let him die. But Mettaton doubts he'll do that.

And what else can he do but hang and slowly die?

At least this way, he can't "fall down," because he doesn't have that luxury when he's being dangled like a piece of meat.]
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[Once Asriel feels like he can walk without collapsing, he wordlessly moves towards the syringe. Determination... he really hated that substance. Would it make him a flower again?

Maybe it didn't really matter.

He picks up the syringe and moves towards Mettaton, but there's a problem...]

How do I... how do I do this?

[How does he inject a needle into metal?]
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[Mettaton stares at Asriel as he says that. He's curious whether the boy's in so much pain that he couldn't remember...

Mettaton has a SOUL.]

It's easy, sweetheart.

[There's a hiss, and the glass which parted Mettaton's core from the open air opened. He shudders, the air feeling unusually chilly against his slowly crumbling SOUL. Dust slips out in a small puff--just whatever had already fallen to the bottom.

There looks to be something...sticking out of the center of his SOUL. Maybe what had been used to injure it? Looks like metal...

Mettaton isn't aware. He can't see his own SOUL like this. All he knows is what's coming.]

Don't hesitate...

[This is going to happen. God, it's going to happen. Mettaton closes his eye, and in his mind he sees piles of ichor formed loosely into strange monsters, pained sounds bleeding all together...

He's scared.]
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[Ah, right... how stupid of him. Mettaton' SOUL really does look much worse up close, crumbling and on the verge of collapsing. There's something sticking out... can he pull it out? Was it hurting him?]

Okay, I'm...

[God, what does he even say here?


Whatever happens next, you won't be alone in this. I'll be right here.

... I'm so sorry, Mettaton.

[Maybe not the best comfort, but it's all he can offer. Taking a breath, he pushes in the syringe and gives Mettaton half of the needle's Determination. If he can, he'll try removing that metal piece too.

And once that's started, Asriel shoves the needle into his own arm, taking the rest of it.]
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[Mettaton lets out a discomforted noise as the Determination enters his SOUL. He's not sure what's going to happen, but he's...really not ready for it.

Nor is he ready for the pain of Asriel trying to remove the metal embedded in his SOUL either, though to his credit, he does try to bite back the pained sound as..a small, rusted and slightly bent key is removed from his very being.]

What...the fuck?

[Who the hell was this person?!

For now, at least, the Determination doesn't seem to have begun affecting him.

He doubts he'll be spared for long, but...maybe this way, they can just talk it out, right?]

Asriel, it's okay, I just...I mean I did tell you not to hesitate, right? Haha...

[His voice tremors slightly, betraying how very out of his element he is. No silver tongue is going to fix this.]
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[The sensation that courses through Asriel feels vaguely familiar, and he lets out a pained noise that sounds like a mix between laughter and sobbing.

Determination hasn't taken it's hold yet, and Asriel knows it's coming... would both of them be able to hold onto themselves long enough to escape? It's hard to tell. Maybe he'd start sprouting flower petals all over his body, or maybe...

His body shakes again, both from exhaustion, pain, and fear.]

Mettaton... if we get out of this, I... I need to ask you a favor.

[It's probably cruel to ask the person who's currently dangling from the ceiling, hanging onto their life and about to experience god knows what with Determination.

But it's important.]
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[The more time that passes, the less like himself Mettaton begins to feel. He definitely feels...stronger? But there's something about him that feels...wrong too.

Like he's not...real.

He shakes it off, focusing on Asriel.]

What is it...?

[He asks the question, but his voice feels thick and heavy. He's tired, he's aching...focus is becoming just a little bit harder and although he can't see it--maybe for the better--his SOUL has become unnervingly opaque and the edges are starting to blur and lose form...]

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