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Saw time!

[Mettaton isn't used to coming out of unconsciousness like a normal person. Not sleeping will do that to you.

So...he's more than a little alarmed to find himself actually "waking up" for once, and finding that he isn't...really in full control of his limbs. Once he gets past the forced drowsiness, he realizes that most of his weight is bearing on his arms. Slowly, he glances up and finds that he's bound by the wrists with a chain that leads up into the ceiling.

...That's not good.

He glances around apprehensively; first downward, only to find that he's suspended in water just below the knee--the one joint which would let water in at this point. So...whoever did this didn't want him hurt. Right?

Further away, he sees another figure--Asriel. The kid looks to be unconscious.

Mettaton wants to check he's okay, but being chained like this is a bit inconvenient. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he attempts to pull himself up slightly, then he lets himself fall, hoping that the rusted-looking chain would snap under the strain of his weight.

Big mistake.

The instant he causes too much movement, a low hum cuts through the air, and Mettaton finds himself stiffening as an electric shock courses through him. It's more powerful than anything he has ever experienced, causing his circuits to overload and malfunction, unable to sustain the current. He shouts, the sound glitching and cutting out as the shock plays havoc on his systems for 10 long, painful seconds.

Long enough to wake Asriel, perhaps. And should the young boss monster care to have a look around himself, he'll notice that there's a tape player nearby, next to which is a tape with two words written on it: PLAY ME.

Once the shock subsides, Mettaton goes limp, a look of pain on his face. That...that felt worse than it should have, and he feels so unnaturally weak...]

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