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[At some point Gary must have hit his head because when he finally willed his eyes to open his world was spinning, his skull feeling like it was being split open more and more for every inch he opened his lids. It was tempting to just leave them closed and let himself lose consciousness once again but he fought against the urge. He remembered riding his, peddling away from someone, most likely. There was a car and the rest was a blur. He doesn't remember anyone calling for help, an ambulance, none of where was he now?

He felt something soft beneath him...a bed? His hand groped around and felt a soft cover draped over his body but when his hand brushed over his leg he felt a dull ache. He winced but it hadn't been so bad. He made an attempt to push himself off the bed but as soon as he tried to sit up and move his legs what was once a dull ache turned into a pain so sharp he immediately broke out into a sweat as he cried out. His body fell back on to the soft mattress as he wiped away beads of perspiration from his brow. He wasn't going anywhere on his own.]


[He didn't want to open his eyes. His head was pounding. But it was likely he was home, since he didn't feel like he was on a hospital bed. Though it seems odd his parents would take him home and not let someone else worry about him. And if they did, why would his dad be in this room, waiting for his disappointment of a son to wake up?]

Ugh, never mind.

[Even if you're here, he doesn't want to talk to you.]

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