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8 ok rng slow down

[ He knew it was bound to happen.

Hanging out with highbloods all too keen on grasping the power of their ancestors, there's literally no way it wouldn't come to this. He was too stupid, too slow, and perhaps too pitiful for any of his friends to put a stop to it. That night, a single text had gone out - just one, to the one person he'd sort of maybe trusted would actually do something about it. Maybe it was poorly typed, maybe Karkat assumed it was just part of the FLARP.

All Tavros knows is at seven sweeps, his life was cut tragically short. All because he'd been too dumb to realize he'd put his faith in all the wrong people.

Stop playing games for girls should have been the last thing he'd ever seen.

But he got up.

It wasn't by choice that he stumbled into Karkat's hive. It'd just been closest. He'd been walking along the path for what had to be days now, no idea where he was or where he was going until the surroundings had begun to look familiar. HIs feet hurt. His back is burned from the sun (but healing, already healing). It's with desperation that he bangs against the door, covered head to toe in a rainbow of highblood shades and his own muddy brown. ]

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